Taylor Momsen Hairstyles

Taylor Momsen hairstyles looked cool in summer when she added hair extensions to make them look longer. At presents he is wearing wavy hairstyles with straight and messy looks.

Since Taylor Momsen hairstyles have been highlighted, teenagers want to get her edgy hairstyle looks. Many teenagers like her rock star look with heavy eye makeup and hair cut into shaggy layers. This hairstyle used to raise her eyebrows. She is fond of wearing long layers with natural messy hairstyles. This look suits her best making her look modern and stylish. Those who want to look stylish and modern with funky hairstyles must try her messy styles.

In order to some classic looks you can try wearing some of Taylor Momsen hairstyles. The first hairstyle can be styled with blonde or platinum blonde hair color. It is known as messy wave hairstyle that can with long parted bangs on side. Taylor has worn this hairstyle with her natural platinum blonde hair color and added waves to get a natural messy look. You can easily create this hairstyle by creating waves to damp hair and using a hairspray to hold them on place. You can also wear heavy makeup like that of Taylor Momsen.

Other Taylor Momsen hairstyles include choppy shaggy cut. You can get this hairstyle by getting shaggy cut and washing the hair. Use a blow dryer to dry the hair to get a messy look. Finish the hairstyle by applying serum to make them look smooth. You can ask the hair stylist to give you a shoulder length so that you can also add curls and waves. Taylor Momsen has worn some long and edgy hairstyles that can be styled with a number of looks.


Those who have short hair can use long hair extensions to get the desired looks. If you have naturally long hair length then start with center parting the hair soon after washing and drying them. Now separate your hair by making two sections so that you can create braids. The braids must be created tightly till the end of hair. One your hair is dried you can remove your braids and see the gorgeous waves. It is one of the safest ways to create waves if you don’t want to apply heat on hair. The option of curling iron and hot rollers is always there to create waves.


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