Rachel McAdams Hairstyles

Rachel McAdams has styled her hair in different styles to look beautiful at various events. Rachel McAdams hairstyles with wavy bob cut and side parting are very popular among girls who like to wear bob cut. They can get the look of Rachel by applying mousse to third map hair and using a round brush and a blow dryer to lift the hair at the top to add volume, they can bend the hair several times to smooth out the hair.

Apply styling spray to the hair and place hot rollers at the bottom and roll them to the roots. Get the curls for all the hair and remove the rollers when they are cooled. Apply a hairspray all over the hair to get the finished look for the hairstyle. This is how one can style the wavy bob cut of Rachel McAdams. Rachel has also worn some stylish and classic braids at some events. Although she is popular for wearing some retro hairstyles but she has also worn some updos for weddings.


Rachel McAdams hairstyles with updos are available in a number of choices. She has worn some classic, stylish and modern updos with messy braids and sleek pull backs. You can get one of the updo Rachel McAdams hairstyles for proms by pulling the hair at the back. You should not pull the hair too tight. Leave the side strands to get a soft look. She got a smooth blow waved hairstyle with bangs. The bangs framed the top and gave a balanced look for the event. You can get this hairstyle by getting medium length haircut with straight bangs.


Use a flat iron to get the perfectly smoothed out look. You need to get regular trimmings to maintain the hair length. Rachel has also showed off her healthy and voluminous layered haircut with blonde curls. You can get the looks by applying styling cream to your damp hair and using a blow dryer and a vent brush to dry the hair. Now apply styling spray and create large soft waves by using hot rollers. Add shine spray when curls have been added. Rachel McAdams hairstyles with side swept curls can be styled with short haircut and side parting.


You can always create a celebrity hairstyle by applying mousse or gel to damp hair and blow drying them. Place rollers to get the curls ta the sides and apply hair spray to get extra hold. You can also try her medium length haircut for casual occasions by getting straight bangs. Try applying mousse to the damp hair and scrunch the ends with your fingers to get soft and natural waves. Rachel has tried adding pink color to her hairstyles that gave her a funky look. She got shoulder length haircut with a touch of pink color.


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