Pinks Hairstyles

Pinks hairstyles are beautiful but need time for styling to get the perfect sexy looks. Her first slicking hairstyle can be styled by applying gel to the damp hair and combing them thoroughly to apply the gel evenly. You can move your hair back keep them away from the face. Use a blow dryer to dry the hair and wear a hat to get the looks of Pink.

At times Pink has worn blue hairstyle with her short haircut. To get the style you need to apply gel to the damp hair and blow dry the sections of hair using a round brush. Volume must be added to the hair to get the Pinks hairstyles. After hair is completely dried, you can apply styling cream with the fingers to add definition. Now pinch the ends of hair and you are ready with the hairstyle. You can wear this hairstyle with your natural hair color.


Pinks hairstyles with cropped haircut made her look attractive. You can get her hairstyle by applying styling cream or lotion to your damp hair and blow drying hair into sections. You can blow dry the hair in various directions. Don’t forget to brush the hair while blow drying. After drying the hair, the top section must be pushed forward and pull one section at the back. Use a hairspray to hold the sections at their place. The pixie haircut of Pink with swept forward look can be achieved by applying gel to damp hair. You can then blow dry the hair in forward direction and apply styling cream to dried hair.


Use your fingers to push the hair forward to get the desired hairstyle of Pink.Her gravity high top hairstyle is popular and liked by young girls who want to try new hairstyles every time. You can style this look with short haircut by applying string holding gel to hair and blow drying the hair in the straight up direction. Take random sections and curl them. Hairspray must be used on the curled sections. Pinks hairstyles with twiggy style can be created by blow drying the hair in forward direction. Apply a little gel or wax to separate the hair.


The cropped short hairstyle of Pink can be styled on roughly dried hair by applying gel or wax. The gel must be applied evenly to the hair so that hairstyle gets an even and balanced look. Pink has got a polished look with her short haircut by sweeping the hair on the sides. You can get the look by applying wax to damp hair and blow drying hair in different directions. Apply pomade with your fingers and create a messy deep side parted look. If you have bangs then you can keep them on either side of the face. All these hairstyles are symbolic and give you a versatile look.


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