Nicole Richie Hairstyles

Nicole Richie hairstyles are iconic and hairstylists love to create different styles for her. She has worn a hairstyle that exposed one ear and kept hair at the back. In order to get perfect hairstyle of Nicole you need to begin with applying styling to wet hair. Make sure that hair near your ear is covered with the gel.

Now apply mousse to the remaining. Take a blow drying and a flat brush to dry the hair. The hair with gel must be swept backwards in order to make them fall behind the ear. Now brush the hair in the other side and make sure that hair are falling in the shoulders to frame the face. Keep on using a blow drying until all the hair is dried. The next step of getting Nicole Richie hairstyles is to add waves with the help of hot rollers or curling iron. The trick to get perfect curls is to create curls in one direction.


It means that curls will go in the backward direction and come on the forward direction of mousse side. After curling the hair smooth out the curls, you can bring them close together and apply hairspray to get the final touch. It is one of the Nicole Richie hairstyles that can be worn on formal occasions such as weddings and meetings. There is another beautiful hairstyle of Nicole Richie that is created in a braided style. She got this hairstyle after making an updo and center parting of hair with braids.

The braids were kept sweeping at the back and secured with pins. You can easily create this hairstyle by washing and drying your hair. Apply texturizing cream to the hair to get a lot of texture and fullness for the hairstyle. Now part your hair in the middle and create small braids on the side of the head. Each side must contain two braids that are close to the hair line. Secure the braids on both sides and pull the hair at the back of the head to make a low ponytail. The braids should not be included in the ponytail. Tie the ponytail with an elastic band to secure it.


The braids must be pulled at the back at the lower side of eth ponytail and secure them with hair pins. Now you should wrap the ends of the ponytail over the elastic band and secure them. You can use hair pins to secure the ends of ponytail.Nicole has worn some casual hairstyle by getting shoulder length haircut and curling the ends. The bangs will add a new effect to the entire hairstyle. You can wear this hairstyle on daily basis by scrunching the wet ends. All these Nicole Richie hairstyles are easy to style and look glamorous.


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