Mila Kunis Hairstyles

Mila Kunis hairstyles can be styled by using some styling products and tools. One of her looks can be achieved by applying styling mousse to damp hair and blow drying the hair using a round brush. Now part the hair in the center and add height to crown by teasing the top hair.


The front and crown sections must be separated and pull rest of the hair at the back to make a medium ponytail. The ponytail can be secured with an elastic band. Now taking the left front hair section and pull it gently at the back and twisting around the base of the ponytail. Similarly take another section from the opposite side and twist it under the ponytail. Secure both the sections with the help of hair pins. Now curl the ends of the ponytail using a curling iron of large barrel.


You can use shine spray to get shiny and glossy look. Mila Kunis hairstyles will make women look as beautiful as that of Mila. Mila Kunis has also worn layered haircut that looed simple but elegant. She also got large waves that were added to the layers of medium length. The soft movement of waves enhanced the hairstyle. You can get this look by cutting layers to medium hair and using a curling iron to add waves to the hair. Although all Mila Kunis hairstyles are styling but this wavy and layered hairstyle is must demanded as it gives sexy and stylish looks.

You can follow these instructions to know about the detail procedure. First of all, you need to apply mouse to your damp hair and use your hands to apply it evenly. Mousse has the ability to hold the hairstyle. Now part the hair in the middle and using corner of a comb. It is believed that middle parting is always great to make small and round faces look long. Next you need to take a large radial brush. This brush is basically used for long and straight hair to make them tangle free. While choosing a radial brush you must always choose one that has pure bristle.


Now blow dry the hair starting at the nape of the neck. You can start from roost and reach the ends. On reaching the ends you can curve them under. After hair is dried, use hot rollers to get gorgeous curls. You can take small sections of hair and wrap them in the hot rollers and take them out when they are cooled. Use your fingers to separate them and use a hairspray on eth curls. You need to use a good amount of hairspray on the top and sides to keep the Mila Kunis hairstyles in proper shape. This hairstyle can suit girls of all face shapes and can be worn on all occasions.


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