Mary Kate Olsen Hairstyles

Kate Mary Olsen has worn some super long hairstyles that made her look like Rapunzel. You can get the look if you have long hair lengths. Those who don’t have longer hair can opt for wearing hair extensions. You can apply mousse to the hair a night before getting Mary Kate Olsen hairstyles.

Make a large French braid that starts at your crown and finish at the end. Before you lose the braid in the morning, sue a blow dryer to make the hair completely dry. Now make the braid lose and comb the waves with your fingers. Apply hair spray for extra hold and you are ready with the Mary Kate Olen style. Mary Kate Olsen hairstyles are known to be chic and messy. You can easily make her hairstyle without much effort. You need to apply some styling products to the damp hair and get the curls.


If you have natural waves then the style will be much easier otherwise you can use curling iron to get the waves. Other Mary Kate Olsen hairstyles for longhair can be styled by getting a long haircut with layers. You can also ask for bangs at the front and layers must be kept at the back. You can also add some highlights of different colors as Kate Mary has also worn various hair colors for her hairstyle. It is your choice to get the highlights of any dark color that matches your natural skin tone.

Now begin styling the hairstyle with your fingers instead of using a brush. Let the hair dry naturally or you can also use blow dryer to dry the hair and apply mousse or gel evenly to the hair. The gel or mousse must be applied form roots to the ends after making large sections of hair. The purpose of adding mousse or gel is to get volume for the long hairstyle. Now scrunch the hair with your fingers to get natural waves. Let the hair dry naturally. You can also use a curling iron to get large and natural waves.


Part the hair and apply hairspray to get final looks. You can also wear Mary Kate Olsen hairstyles for long hair by center the hair and keep the long locks on both the sides. Add wax or gel to damp hair and scrunch the ends to get soft look. You can also wear this hairstyle with sleek look by using a flat iron to get the straight hair. You can center part the hair and leave the hair falling on the sides. You can also tie a ponytail at the back to get a casual look. The above mentioned hairstyles work best for long hair lengths. You have now many options to style your long hair.


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