Madonna Hairstyles

Madonna hairstyles are now being copied by her fans and other women. Madonna hairstyles in early 1980s were styled by adding a lot of volume and cutting bangs ta the right side. She emphasized her hairstyles by wearing a head band and funky makeup.

This hairstyle is still popular and you can style it with medium haircuts at shoulder length. The haircut is given in s such a way that it frames the face. In order to style it like that of Madonna apply mousse to the damp hair and use a blow dryer to let the hair dry using a round brush. The key point to get Madonna hairstyles is to keep the top hair sleek with addition of volume. You can part the hair in the middle to get the best looks.


After you r hair is completely dried use a curling iron to create soft waves. The curls on the sides should be kept at the back to create a flip. Use your fingers to comb the hair and apply hairspray to get the final touch. In the mean while she has also worn bob cut that focused her eyes and gave her an elegant look. She has also tried wearing many light and bright hair colors. She has worn blonde color with wavy hairstyle. She used to wear makeup that can go well with her hairstyle. She is never afraid of trying a new look.


That’s why she has been popular as a style icon among all generations. At present she has got the retro look that is quite appealing. If you want to get her retro look then you can start creating the hairstyle by washing and conditioning the hair. Dry the hair with a towel and apply styling gel or mousse top add texture to the hair. Use a blow dryer to add volume and make sure that you turn head upside down while blow drying the hair. Now part the hair on one side and comb your bangs to keep them on place. The back hair must be set into hot rollers.


Don’t place the bangs into the rollers. When you find that rollers are co0lled take them out and comb the curls with your fingers. Make sure that the top hair is smooth and flat. It is the right time to create a flip back. Begin with eth bangs and use a curling iron to curls the ends in upward direction. Curl all the sides and smooth every flip using a brush or comb. Apply hairspray to set the Madonna hairstyles. If you like to make curls more soft then apply hairspray before keeping hair into the curling iron. You can wear this retro hairstyle on special occasions.


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