Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

Many girls have admired Lauren Conrad hairstyles and wanted to get the same looks. They can get a number of hairstyles for straight and wavy hair. To start with any of the Lauren Conrad hairstyles you need to wash and blow dry the hair.

The first hairstyle is known as twisted pull back style that is easy to create. You need hair pins, curling iron and hair spray to get the hairstyle. Start with parting the hair in the middle and make sections of hair. If you have layered haircut then begin with the bottom section. Now take the curling iron and get the curls and apply hair spray. Now separate small section of hair from both the sides and twist then gently and pull at the back. Secure the twisted section with hair pins.


Other Lauren Conrad hairstyles include ponytail style that is quite simple and easy. You will require a flat iron, hairspray and an elastic band to create the look. Start with straightening the hair with the flat iron and brush the hair and gather them at the back. Now make a low ponytail and secure it with elastic band. Apply hairspray to the hairstyle. Those who have bangs can keep them on the side for a more chic look. Some of the straight Lauren Conrad hairstyles can be styled by straightening the hair with a flat iron and making sections.

You can pull the front hair at the back or simply let the hair lose. Both the styles can be worn formally. The side bangs are a favorite style of many celebrities. Lauren has got side bangs with wavy look. This hairstyle can be created with curling iron and a hairspray. After blow drying the hair create curls with a curling iron. The curls should not be too tight in order to get a natural look. Now part the hair on the side and use a hairspray to hold the hairstyle. You can wear a head band with this hairstyle to arrange the bangs. She has worn a long hairstyle with side bangs.


If you have long haircut then wear straight hairstyle while keeping the bangs sweeping on the side. It is a simple hairstyle that need on flat iron and a hairspray for styling. You can modify this hairstyle by creating curls to eth along haircut and parting it in the center. Those who are looking for a formal hairstyle with long haircut can part the hair on the side. The bangs must be kept longer sweeping on the side. Get waves on the ends of hair and keep them on one shoulder. You can also tie the hair at the back into a low ponytail and show off the curled ends by keeping them at the shoulders.


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