Kristen Stewart Hairstyles

Kristen Stewart hairstyles have got some amazing styles. The fans of Twilight saga must have admired the hairstyles of Kristen Stewart. To get this hairstyle you need to begin with washing and applying a good amount of mousse to your hair. Make sure that you apply it with your hands and it is evenly applied.

Before applying the mousse you should make sure that hair is dry. Now part your hair on left side with the help of hair brush. Try to ensure that your hair is tangle free. You can pull your bangs with the brush and blow dry them to get volume. Now brush the back hair to add volume. After you have dried the hair you should curl them with a curling iron f large barrel. Large curls will give you the similar looks to that of Kristen. When curling your hair start from the back by wrapping the hair into the curling iron.


You should avoid getting tight curls and waves because it will not give you a smooth look. Now curl the middle and side hair repeating the same procedure and skip the lower section of hair.Once you have created curls you should apply some wax with your fingers. Try not to apply wax on the scalp in order to prevent any skin reactions. Use a hairspray to hold the curls and you are now ready with the curly Kristen Stewart hairstyles. There are many other easy Kristen Stewart hairstyles that can be styled by everyone at home.


You can try back combing your front hair and securing the back combed hair with hair pins. The back combed hair will create an uplift and volume at the front that will make you look glamorous. Kristen has worn this hairstyle several times with curls at the back. You can even modify this hairstyle by scrunching your damp hair after application of wax. It will give you a messy and natural scrunched look that can be worn casually.Other Kristen Stewart hairstyles can be styled by following some easy steps. First of all, dry your hair after washing and comb them to make them tangle free.


Now apply a good amount of mousse of styling gel to make the hair look thick and voluminous. Those who have thin hair must apply mousse thoroughly to get a thick look. Now take a round brush and blow dry your hair to make the cuticles smooth. Take a curling iron and curl your hair in sections. Now make a Braid by separating hair into two sections. Make a regular braid that is very close to the scalp. Secure it with hair pins and create a bun at the back. You can twist the lower part of braids into a bun and secure it with pins. Finish the hairstyle with application of a hairspray.


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