Johnny Depp Hairstyles

Johnny Depp hairstyles are trendy for everyday routine and men feel so special after getting his hairstyles. He is known as a great actor having versatile looks and hairstyles. He has worn a number of hairstyles that suited and created a stir among new generation.

Johnny Depp has been spotted wearing some cool hairstyles with all hair lengths but he preferred getting layered haircut for styling. He has also styled his hair in one length hairstyles that were kept away from his face. He has also worn short hair at the sides and back with layers at the top with a messy look. Johnny has styled spiky hairstyles with varying hair lengths. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular Johnny Depp hairstyles.


Johnny has got shaggy hairstyles with spikes and a ponytail at the back. In order to get this hairstyle you need to maintain medium hair length so that you can make a ponytail at the back. The front hair can be styled into spikes by applying a good amount of gel. This hairstyle can be worn by young boys who want to keep long or medium hair lengths. Johnny Depp hairstyles with long and layered haircuts are admired by many men. You can get long haircut with layers to add depth to the hairstyle. You can ask your hair stylist to give you heavy layers at the top of the head so that they can be maintained easily. This hairstyle can suit men who have straight or wavy hair texture.

Johnny Depp also got tapered haircut at the sides of the head and top hair was medium long and swept at the back. The bangs were added on the front with angled cut. This is one of the stylish Johnny Depp hairstyles that can suit men who have natural brown or black hair. Johnny has always managed to get attraction of people by wearing some cool hairstyles with straight and wavy looks. He has also styled various hairstyles with different hair length. So there is a chance for you to get one of his hairstyles with your hair length.


He has worn medium length hairstyle with wavy look. He got one length haircut just below his ears and got waves in to them. You can get this look by simply creating waves to the hair after applying wax or gel. Other hairstyles of Johnny Depp include bangs at the front and shirt hair at the back. He got center parting so that bangs were kept on both the sides. This hairstyle gave him an elegant and sophisticated look. You can also get his look by cutting front hair into layers at chin level and tying the remaining hair at the back into a ponytail. The front layers should be let loose.


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