Jessica Alba Short Hairstyles

It is believed that it is one of the Jessica Alba short hairstyles that is easy and looks sexy. If you have hair at the shoulders length then you can make a ponytail. Moreover, medium hair lengths can also be styled by getting layered haircut. You can ask the hair stylist to cut bangs on the front. You can add waves to the layered cut to get more formal look.

It is your choice to get symmetric or asymmetric bangs. Usually teenagers like to get asymmetric bangs. Jessica Alba short hairstyles can also be styled with jagged layers to give you a bouncy and voluminous effect. Jessica has worn this hairstyle at her shoulders length. She was also seen wearing short hairstyle with angled layered. This hairstyle framed her face beautifully and gave her a soft look. Often girls tend to get Jessica Alba short hairstyles because they cannot manage long haircuts and find it easy to style shirt hairstyles.


Other short hairstyles of Jessica can be styled by parting hair on the sides and pinning them at the top of the head in such a way that you can get a teasing effect. You can modify all the Jessica Alba short hairstyles by adding waves, curls and decorative pins. If you want to copy her hairstyle that she has worn in Fantastic 4 then you need to get layers to add a lot of volume. You can make this layered hairstyle more glamorous by adding side swept bangs with angled cut. You can become creative by adding waves to this glamorous hairstyle.


All the hairstyles of Jessica Alba can be modified by adding different colors. You can style her short hairstyles by washing hair and drying them with a towel. After drying the hair you must apply a good amount of smoothing serum with the help of your fingers. Now use a brush to comb the hair to ensure that serum is applied evenly. You are ready to wear the casual short hairstyle of Jessica Alba. At times she has worn ultra-straight and sleek hairstyle.


This sleek look was admired women all around the world and they tried wearing the hairstyle. To create this sleek hairstyle you can wash and dry the hair and use a flat iron to straight the hair. She wore this sleek and straight hairstyle for her shoulder length haircut with brown color. You can also get this gorgeous hairstyle with your natural hair color. But make sure that the length of hair is at your shoulders to get the short look.


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