Jennifer Garner Hairstyles

Jennifer Garner hairstyles with long looks can be styled with creating height at the top by back combing and adding waves to the ends using a curling iron. In order to add a messy effect you can let few strands of hair to fall on your face at the front. A string hair spray can be used to settle the layers. Other looks of Jennifer Garner can be achieved by using a flat iron to get sleek appearance.

The hair can be cut into tapered look with angles at the chin. Use a flat iron for extra sleek and smooth hairstyle. Jennifer Garner has got some straight hairstyles with deep side parting. This hairstyle can be worn with medium to long hair lengths and a flat iron can be used to get the straight look. She let the hair loose over her shoulders with addition of layers. The bangs increased the beauty of the hairstyle. Girls who have square shape face can also get Jennifer Garner hairstyles with side swept bangs.


This look is styled with medium layers and flat iron is used to get eh finished look. A serum can be rubbed on the ends of hair strands to get a polished look. The trick is to keep the hair behind the ears and secure them bobby pins. Jennifer Garner hairstyles with updo are elegant and sexy. This updo hairstyle can be worn by teenagers, working women and mothers. To begin with, wash and condition your hair to enhance the natural look of your hair. Now use a towel to dry them and apply heat protection cream.


Take a blow dryer and round brush to dry the damp hair. You can make sections of hair to ease the process of blow drying. After hair is completely dries make small sections and wrap them into the curling iron or hot rollers. It is good if you choose curling iron with large barrel so that you can get soft and natural waves. Start creating curls at the back and move on the sides. The waves at the sides are necessary to frame the face. After curling has been done pull the hair from the sides leaving some strands on the front.


Secure the hair at the crown so that height is created. Take a hairspray and use it generously all over your head. You can even make a bun at the back to create a full updo. Jennifer Garner hairstyles can be styled with shoulder length haircut and bangs ta the front. You can create messy waves at the ends that fall at your shoulder. You can keep the bangs sweeping on the sides or keep them straight just above your eyes. You can wear bangs with updo style of Jennifer Garner.


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