Jake Gyllenhaal Hairstyles

Jake Gyllenhaal has mostly kept his hairstyle short with different short haircuts. Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyles were seen with military haircut that gave him a short look. He looked almost bald because the top of the hair was just an inch longer than the sides and the back. This hairstyle suited his personality and gave him masculine looks.

There are many men who still copy his military hairstyle and get strong looks.As mentioned earlier that likes to keep his hairstyle short therefore, he has mostly seen wearing short hairstyles. At times, he has also been seen wearing little longer hair at the top and swept them on the sides to make the hairstyle look voluminous. Those men who want to get voluminous Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyles can get a haircut with long hair at top.

They can apply gel to the top section and sweep them on the either side.Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyles bed head style is a casual look that is gaining popularity among men of all ages. This hairstyle can be created by applying gel to the hair and make small spikes at the top with your fingers. The spike must be made randomly at the top. By doing so, you can the exact looks of Jake. This hairstyle requires less maintenance and you can wear it casually. If you want to get some change with this hairstyle then apply gel to damp hair and get a wet look with messy hairstyle.


Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyles are for everyone and one can style them easily without any professional assistance. Other hairstyle of Jake can be styled with a short buzz haircut. He has worn this hairstyle with beard. It is the hairstyle that is easy to create and takes less time to maintain. You need only regular trimmings to maintain this buzz haircut. It is an easy hairstyle that can suit all men and they can carry it with ease. There is a choice of wearing clipper haircut on the back and the sides. The cut is given close to the head that blends well with top hair. The top hair is cut into a jagged cut that add texture to the hairstyle.


The jagged cut makes it easy for you style the hairstyle with styling gel or wax. You need regular trimmings to keep the hairstyle in proper shape.Jake has worn clipper cut several times with different styles. He got clipper cut on the sides and back and layers at the top. The clipper cut was blended with the layers at the top. You can style the layers by applying wax or gel. Another messy look can be achieved by keeping side hair short and top hair must be cut with a razor to get the messy look. It is an easy hairstyle that looks good on all face shapes.


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