Gwen Stefani Hairstyles

Gwen Stefani hairstyles with platinum blonde look make the wearer look beautiful and stylish. The retro curly hairstyle is one of the most popular look of Gwen Stefani. She got curls for formal occasion. You can caret this kook by side parting the hair and making curls into circles.

The curls can be secure with air pins and hairspray. These easy steps can be performed by anyone at home with ease. The bun hairstyle of Gwen Stefani is quite stylish and you can style it by parting the hair into many sections and braiding and twisting them to caret a messy and lose bun. This bun hairstyle will make you look young and energetic. It is suggested to let a few strands out of the bun to get a perfect messy look.Gwen Stefani hairstyles seem to be difficult to style but you need a little practice to master them.


You can create another look by parting the hair into two sections. The front section of hair can be left loose and take the section and tie it at the back into a ponytail or a bun. You can create curls to the front hair section to make it wearable for formal occasions. You can also modify this look by getting fringes at the front and ponytail at the back. You can settle the fringes backward and use a hairspray to hold them.If you are a person who wants to get the retro chin length hairstyle of Gwen Stefani then you need to get layered haircut at your chin level.


You can get the Gwen Stefani hairstyles by following some simple steps. First of all, wash and dry thehair making sure that hair is not completely dry. Apply hair lifting spray to the hair and comb the hair to make sure that it is evenly applied. You can blow dry the hair by turning the head upside down so that hair can get more volume. Keep on brushing the hair while you are using a blow dryer. Stop using it when hair looks messy and bouncy. Now flip your head and brush the hair to make them tangle free.


The direction of brushing should be from crown to the ends. When you reach the ends of hair turn the brush up and out to get half flip hairstyle instead of getting curly look. You can apply shine spray when hair is completely dried. This spray will add shine and give you the final look of the hairstyle. Gwen Stefani hairstyles have been styled with her natural platinum blonde hair color but you can create her hairstyles with your natural hair color. There is a choice to getting straight, sleek and curly hairstyles for your natural hair length and hair color.


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