Eva Longoria Hairstyles

To get Eva Longoria hairstyles you need to get a long layered haircut just like that of Eva making sure that the length of haircut fall at your shoulders. The layers begin at cheeks at the front and at continue at the back. The layers can be angled that will give a soft touch to the style.

It is suggested not to get bangs with this hairstyle. You can part the hair from middle so that layers can frame your face. Now apply mousse to the hair that are dried with a towel and make two inch sections of your hair. The remaining hair must be pinned up. You must start blow drying the section of hair with the help of a paddle brush. The nozzle of the blow dryer must promote the smoothness of the hair.

Continue drying all sections of hair. Part the hair from middle and finish the hairstyle by smoothing the top layers. Now heat a curling iron with large barrels to get large sized curls. You can start curling the hair at the back by taking sections of two inches. The top layers are not required to be curled. Make sure that the ends of the hair are placed inside the barrel so that kinks are avoided. If short layers fall out of the barrels you can curl them separately. There are some important tips that must be considered while getting Eva Longoria hairstyles with curly look.

Make sure that you let the hair sit for a few seconds before you curl the next section. Secondly, don’t wrap the section of hair too close to the scalp. After you have curled all the ends of the hair you need to preserve the curls so that they can last longer. Make sure that you keep the large curls at the back. The curls must also stay away from the face. Take a good amount of wax and apply it gently to the curls separately. The wax will also help the curls to get flow at the back.

The final and last touch to the Eva Longoria hairstyles can be given by applying a good quality hairspray. It is necessary not to use too much of the hairspray. Some other tips can also be followed to make Eva’s hairstyles more creative and gorgeous. First of all, you can get highlights of bold color to the hair to get the striking effect. The rest of the hair can be colored with light hair color. Secondly, if you don’t like curly hairstyles then you can try the straight look by using a flat iron. You can keep the layers at the back after blow drying them.


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