Dianna Agron Hairstyles

Dianna Agron hairstyles with loose bun are the perfect choice to wear for formal and evening events. The aim of creating her bun style is to get a perfect and soft look for the event that can make you prominent. You can use a round brush to comb the hair while blow drying and apply gel or wax and pull the hair at the back to create a simple bun. You can get curls to a few strands of hair.


Apply hairspray at the end to hold the bun. The bun hairstyle is so simple to create at home without any assistance. You can add a new look to the Dianna Agron hairstyles by getting bangs and keeping them on the side. It is your choice to get short or longer bangs for the hairstyle. Dianna has worn an updo with fishtail braid at an awards event. It is one of the Dianna Agron hairstyles that is a little tricky and needs practice. But after getting this hairstyle you will look extremely hot and sexy.


Start by applying a glossy cream to the hair and make sure that it is applied form roots to the ends when you hair is wet. Now dry the hair to get the natural texture. After hair is completely dried, you can use a hairspray. Now start making the fish tail braid by takings sections of hair from the top and the left ear. Wrap the braid at the front to get a crown look. Don’t forget to leave some hairs strands undone. Now take the remaining hair and make three more fish tail braids and twist them at the back to make the updo.


You can simply twisty the three braids to caret the bun or updo and secure them with hair pins. Dianna has worn a stylish and elegant hairstyle with shoulder length haircut. You can get this look by washing and drying the hair. You can blow dry the hair and make sections before using a curling iron. Take a curling iron with medium barrel to get soft curls. On getting the curls use your fingers to brush the hair to reveal the waves.


Apply smoothing cream to the hair and part the hair on the side. Use your fingers to set the hair on the back. Take the remaining hair by pulling them and pinning them at the back in such way that curls fall on your shoulders. Hairspray can be used on the front and back hair. If you want to get some simple hairstyles that can be styled within minutes then choose the wavy hair look of Dianna. Apply wax to damp hair and scrunch the hair with your hands. This hairstyle can be made with medium and long haircuts.

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