Audrina Patridge Hairstyles

Audrina Patridge hairstyles with natural blonde hair color give a shiny and healthy look to the hair. If you like to style your hair the way Audrina has styled then you should wash your hair condition them. Use your fingers while blow drying them to get a lift for the hairstyle. You can make hairstyles of Audrina for your long hair lengths by adding layers to them. Bangs will give your hairstyle a unique look. You can style her hairstyles at home by getting hot rollers and putting sections of hair into them.


After the rollers are cooled down, take them out and get gorgeous curls. Her sleek ponytail look is one of the biggest fashion trends among young generation. She got the sleek ponytail look by using a flat iron to straighten the hair and parting the hair in the center. The straight hair is then tied at the back to make a ponytail. You can use wax to avoid the fly aways. Audrina Patridge hairstyles with ponytail look sex.


Audrina has worn a sexy ponytail hairstyle by adding volume to the hair and side parting the hair. This look made her glamorous for an Awards event. Her tight, wavy and glossy hairstyle can be styled by applying styling gel and shine serum to the damp hair and blow drying them using a hair brush. Take small sections of hair and wrap them on a curling iron. Repeat the process for all the hair and you are done with curling of hair. At the end, apply hair spray and separate the curls.

Audrina Patridge hairstyles are also mixed with beach waves to get half up and half down style. You can get her looks by applying styling spray to sections of hair and twisting the sections around a curling iron to get perfect beach waves. Now take some sections of hair form both sides and pin them at the back. Use a hairspray to get the glossy look for hairstyle. You can also get casual hairstyles of Audrina by adding volume to the hair. If you have medium length hair at your shoulders then you can apply styling lotion to damp hair and blow dry them.


After drying the hair, roll them into curling iron of large barrel. Take them out after a few minutes and you are ready to wear this casual hairstyle for every occasion. A shear balanced hairstyle can be achieved by taking large sections of hair and putting them into curling iron and applying shine spray on taking them out. Now take the front hair and back comb them and pin them at the back to get a height at the crown. The reaming hair can be kept on the shoulders to get perfect finished look of Audrina Patridge hairstyles.


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