Amanda Seyfried Hairstyles

Here are some of the most stylish and beautiful Amanda Seyfried hairstyles that can be created with a little practice. These hairstyles are best suitable for girls who have heart shape face.

The first hairstyle is known as tousled bun that was worn by Amanda at a film festival. Her outfit and the hairstyle matched the event very well and gave a classic look. She got the classic bun by tousling and relaxing it at the back to get the chic look. If you would like to re-create her tousled Amanda Seyfried hairstyles then you should create a lot of volume at the top by back combing the hair and creating a bun at the back. Secure the bun with hair pins and allow a few strands to fall on your face. You can use a good hairspray at the end to get the final touch.


The second hairstyle of Amanda can be styled by creating waves. Amanda Seyfried hairstyles with waves gave her a classic look. She added volume at the top and waves at the ends of hair. To get this look you can start brushing your hair when using a blow dryer. By doing so, you can get volume for the hairstyle. After drying the hair make sections and use large size rollers to create the waves. Now pull hair of one side at the back and use bobby pins to secure them. If you would like to add bounce and shiny look to the hair you can apply shine spray. Use a hairspray at the end to get the final and firm look.


Amanda Seyfried hairstyles with highlights of different colors are popular among teenagers who love to wear some cool and funky hairstyles with different colors. She got multi colored highlights for her hair and created waves to get the perfect look. If you have lighter skin tone then you can opt for golden highlights. The selection of color for highlights must be made according to your skin tone. The hairstyles with colors and highlights need a lot of maintenance. Once the roots tart showing natural color you need to re-color them.

Once you have got hair colored with blonde tone you need to take care of your hair. Hair stylists suggest keeping the hair moisturized in order to prevent frizzy appearance. It is good to get the deep conditioning treatment for your hair on regular basis to keep the hair healthy. This treatment will also maintain the hair of natural so you can try wearing different hairstyles with ease. You can now select one of the hairstyles of Amanda to look beautiful and elegant.


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