Alicia Keys Hairstyles

To begin with Alicia Keys hairstyles, you can start washing the hair and dry that hair with a hair dryer. Now scrunch the hair to get a texture for the hairstyle. By doing so, you will gather the hair on one side and focus on the crown area of the head. This step will also create a lot of volume and lift to the hair.

The second step of making Alicia Keys hairstyles involves separation of short layers on one side. These short layers will be used as swept fringes. Now take a paddle brush and gently brush the hair back so that you get tangled free hair to create plaits. It is said that the high creation of the plaits will look more glamorous. Now separate the two sections on high side of the head. Split the hair in both the sections with your finger to create smaller sections. The outer sections must be kept smaller as compared to the inner sections in order to get tight plaits.


Now take the outer strand of hair and cross it over the other hand to create a large strand of inner section. The hair can be split into four sections and repeat the process to create plaits on one side. It is necessary to be neat in making plaits. If some of the strands are smaller then there is no need to worry. You should continue making plaits.Other Alicia Keys hairstyles with hype look can be created after washing and conditioning the hair.

In order to rod set your hair you should use a good quality wrap product. Let your hair dry and remove the rods. After the rods have been removed you can spray on your hair. The curls can be styled with your fingers by separating them. This hairstyle needs a lot of volume so you can use a wire lift to add voluminous look. Alicia Keys hairstyles are always glossy and shiny; therefore, you can use a glossy or shine spray to the hair to give them a glossy touch. She was also spotted seen wearing medium straight hairstyle with long bangs.


You can get this hairstyle by getting a shoulder length haircut and long bangs ta the front. Take a flat iron and straight the hair. Set the bangs on the either side and you can wear this hairstyle at day or time. This hairstyle can be modified with a ponytail look. You should comb the hair and pull them tightly at the back to form a ponytail. The ponytail should be high and tied securely. This hairstyle is popular among young girls who don’t have enough time to style difficult hairstyles. Last but not least you can choose one of these hairstyles for your face shape.


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