Simple Formal Hairstyles

A simple formal hairstyle is a hairstyle which will make hair style will look most beautiful, and what style dates and one which creates an impact. Women generally are good at putting on make-up however; at times women find it hard to get a simple formal hairstyle. One great simple formal hairstyle is the side part. A side part, especially the one that is deep, tends to give a more formal look than a middle part.

The key to this style is making sure that hair looks shiny; this can be accomplished by using gel or a shine enhancing spray. To add up to this use a pretty jewel encrusted pin to keep hair in place.Another simple formal hairstyles is a Long, Tousled, Up do with Bangs which can be a great look for your next "big night." Here is the way to get this hairstyle, first to get this simple formal hairstyle, apply smoothing cream to damp hair and blow dry straight using a round brush. Than wrap your bangs around the brush and blow dry them to give them extra volume.


Next step is to gather hair into a low bun and secure with an elastic band, pulling out a few strands of hair around the face. Than by using curling iron, curl the hair around your face so that the hair frames your face when released from the curling iron. Lastly mist your entire head with a flexible-hold hairspray.A beautiful simple formal and casual hairstyles could be a chic up do which is ideal for straight, layered hair with long, side swept bangs. If you do not have straight hair than just blow dry it straight with a paddle brush.


After this gather hair into a bun, either straight to the back or to the side, while still leaving your bangs and a few side pieces out and secure with elastic band and bobby pins. Next make a deep side part with leftover pieces and flatiron them until they are super sleek. If you wish for extra glossy finish use a shine spray or else just use a hairspray to set the entire look. This is a simple formal hairstyles that would make you look great. A simple formal hairstyle that is elegant romantic and great for a formal event is a long curly hairstyle.


This simple formal hairstyle can be obtained by giving your hair a deep side part. Than blow dry hairs after applying volumizing mousse. As soon as your hair is dry use a one-inch iron to curl the bottom half of your hair into small sections. By using your fingers break up the curls, and mist them with a strong hold spray for a neat finish. A simple formal event is one which will compliment not only your facial features but your dress even. A simple formal hairstyle will make you look great in a relatively short time.


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