Cool Hairstyles for Guys

Cool hairstyles for guys provide various opportunities to experiment with natural hair type. Guys can update their looks by following the latest hairstyle trends. There are many guys having naturally curly hair types and want to try some cool looks. This year some stylish hairstyles for curly hair for men have been introduced. Some of them are mentioned below.The first look is called the surfer look that is ideal for summers. This is the hairstyle that is very trendy and fashionable to make guys look up to date. This hairstyle can be kept messy for a more casual appearance of guys. Those having straight hair need to do a lot of efforts to get this curly surfer look.


The second look for guys with curly hair is the natural look that requires application of gel or mousse to set the natural curls. Guys can also tousle their curly hair to keep their tresses look natural and polished. The third hairstyle is the buzz cut that requires chopping of curls to get a macho look. Guys with oval face shapes can carry this buzz cut in a better way.Cool hairstyles for guys with curly hair must be maintained regularly in order to get gorgeous looks every time. There are some maintenance tips for guys to keep their hair in good condition for styling. One must keep the curls short so that hair can be managed and maintained easily.


Regular trimmings are required for nay haircut especially for curly hair so that guys can keep the curls soft and manageable. Since curly hair are extremely voluminous and one can use anti-frizz serum and blow drying techniques to reduce the volume of curls. Before making cool and casual hairstyles for guys it is recommended to brush the hair several times so that extra curls can be eliminated.Guys having straight hair also get many choices of hairstyles. The most popular hairstyle is the faux hawk hairstyle. This hairstyle is done by cutting short hair on the sides and longer at the center so that they look like spikes.


You need to use a good amount of styling gel to style this trendy hairstyle. One can sweep the hair or slick back the hair after application fi gel or mousse to get hot looks. Getting various to hair is not only practiced by girls. There are many guys want to get new color for thro hair. Guys like to highlight their hair with some bright colors especially caramel shades. This trend of getting ones hair colored has gained popularity since last few years. No matter what hairstyle you choose for your straight or curly hair, it must look cool and must draw attention of others. All the mentioned hairstyles can suit guys of all ages.


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