Cool Braided Hairstyles

Cool braided hairstyles are worn by many celebrities, singers, sportsmen and other hip hop artists. The latest trend in hairstyles is the braids and young girls love to wear them. Cool braided hairstyles are liked by both men and women because they can get a safe look without hair falling on their faces. Braids are common all around the world and everyone is familiar with how to make them.


The origin of braids hairstyles is Africa where people of tribes used to create braids close to the scalp. The complex braids take a lot of time for creation but they can last for many days. The time required to make styles of braid can vary from minutes to hours depending on the complexity.Cool braided hairstyles might require some preparation for styling. If you are going to make an ordinary braid then you are required to wash your hair and wash them. The hair must be smoothed out so that braid can be made easily. Now to begin making a braid you need to separate hair into three equal sections. Many hair stylists also use a tool to lighten the hair sections.


The purpose of using a tool to make braid is to apply equal force on all the sections so that a balanced braid is made. If the braid is made with unbalanced force then it might not look neat and gives a rough appearance. The hair surface with be flat if you want to get cool braided hairstyles. It is often difficult to maintain flatness of hair surface and hair gets tangled. The braid can be finished in different ways. You can get a loose or twisted braid. The twisted braids are a new trend in braided casual hairstyles that can be later formed into buns and updos. One can also use flowers, pearls and beads to add color to braids. It is not necessary to make braid with three sections as there are many braids that can be made with more sections.


Another cool style of braids is also known as micro braids that are popular in Africa. This hairstyle requires attachment of a fiber to hair and complex process of weaving. The hair strands are usually weaved into thin diameter. This hairstyle needs a lot of time and effort so that thin braids can be made of entire hair. Many women like this style of braids because it can be maintained easily and one does not require to style hair for days or even weeks. Moreover, this hairstyle also allows good growth of hair.Another type of micro braided hairstyle is called the cornrows that are also made very close to the scalp. It is popular among many celebrities especially sportsmen. This hairstyle can be made with hair of at least 5 centimeter in length.


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