Cool Braid Hairstyles

Cool braid hairstyles look cute and adorable due to their unique styling techniques. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing cool braids at different events. There are many styles of braids that include side braids, simple braids and French braids. Let’s have a look at some of the trendiest braids. The first braided style is called the two strand twist braid. It is an easy style that can look sleek and one can wear it for many weeks.


The main trick to create this hairstyle is to keep the look dirty by making small twists that become longer at the end. While using a hair cream you must avoid using slipper and oily cream so that it does give a slick appearance to the hairstyle. Cool braid hairstyles also include box braids that can be made using hair extensions. This hairstyle is popular among African women. It is the type of braided style that can last longer. This box braided style requires plenty of time for styling. You might need the help of a hair stylist to get the perfect box braided style.One can make braids with short haircuts such a pixie cut.


This casual hairstyles is known as the horizontal hairstyle that requires pleating of hair form one ear to another. The pleats are placed across the head instead of back or at the sides. These horizontal braids will give you a flirty look at chin level. The French braid is one of the cool braid hairstyles that can be made with long and medium hair lengths. It can be difficult at first but don’t give up. You must practice it to create the beautiful French braid in no time. The next type of braid is the Herringbone style braid that is perfect for long hair lengths. One can wear this hairstyle for every day. This hairstyle is a little complex than that of French braid but it looks even more beautiful.


Cool braid hairstyles also consist of side braids that are ideally made with medium to long hair. You can make braids on one side or both sides and secure them at the back. The back hair can later be tied into a ponytail or a bun. Side braids can work well if you have a layered haircut. English braids are created at the nape of the neck and continue like a French braid. You must make this braid by staring at the nape of the neck and make there sections to complete it. The rope braid is created by making two sections of hair at the nape of the neck and twisting both sections individually in clockwise direction. The ends of the twisted braids are tied at the end and you are ready with rope braids.


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