Bob Hairstyles With Bangs


Bob hairstyles with bangs vary on the basis of a woman’s face cut and her hair texture. Bob hairstyles with bangs for the woman with a round face should opt for a chin length angled bob. The angled bob traces your jaw line beautifully and reduces the roundness of your face great deal. Bob hairstyles with bangs for the woman with a long face ought to be till her collarbone or slightly below. This bob hairstyle has blunt cut bangs since it gives width to your face adding proportion to it. This bob hairstyle with bangs needs some maintenance in terms of blow drying and straightening after a day or two.


Bob hairstyles with bangs for wavy hair should have a gentle rounded cut at the edges. This bob hairstyle with bangs starts just below the ears and brushes your nape at the back. The roundness of this bob hairstyle adds variety to your lustrous wavy tresses.


Bob hairstyles with bangs for dead straight hair that is voluminous ought to have layers in it. The layers lessen the dullness of the dead straight hair and add style and variety to this bob hairstyle with bangs. This particular bob hairstyles with bangs needs to be blow dried for formal occasions. Since it very difficult to blow dry dead straight hair, liberal amounts of styling mousse ought to be applied to dead straight and silky hair for blow drying the layers inwards or outwards.


Bob hairstyles with bangs can also styles with a curling iron. If you have a layered long bob that falls to your collarbone or just below it you can use a curling iron for formal occasions to style it. Take 2 inch thick sections of a curling iron and rotate it around the curling iron to create small soft curls. The curls would give your long bob a very becoming appearance. Before creating the curls make sure your hair is freshly shampooed. Apply liberal amounts of styling mousse and curl enhancing cream to your tresses and then curl the ends of your bob with a gentle bob.


Make sure you choose a bob hairstyle with bangs that suits your face cut you would look like a fashion disaster if you wear a certain hairstyle just for the heck of it.

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