Short Bob Hairstyles

The most simplistic form of short bob hairstyles involves no layers. It frames your beautifully and traces your jaw line in an elegant manner. The good thing with this bob hair is that you can try various forms of partition with it. You can do a centre partition or a side partition. You can also pin you hair in a small puff at the crown with jewel encrusted pins, simple pins or a small clip.


When brushing a simple and short bob hairstyles make sure you brush it inwards as it would frame your face even more beautifully. The good thing with a short bob hairstyle is that it gives you a chance to show off you long narrow neck. It is always advisable to wear jewel studs at your ears with a short bob hairstyle as it adds to your sophisticated persona.


You can deliberately choose a short bob hairstyle that adds volume to your crown. To this short bob hairstyle add some blunt cut bangs that you can brush sideways. Add some more sophistication to this short bob hairstyle by making the front flicks of this bob hairstyle touch your chin. This short bob hairstyles would be good for women who have round face and would like to hide some of their chubbiness. This short bob hairstyle is meant to styles with a curling iron or subtle blow drying.


Short bob hairstyle can be adapted more sophisticatedly with side swept bangs. This form of short bob hairstyles adds a soft femininity to your personality as the front flicks have gently rounded soft flicks. You need a good quality styling mousse and a gentle well rounded soft brush. Apply some styling mousse to freshly shampooed and subtly dampened hair. Now start blow drying you hair taking a 2 inch thick strand of hair in wards with the round brush and the blow dryer. Be very careful to brush the front flick with the blow dryer as it should settle on your forehead in a very subtle manner.


Lastly and most importantly make sure your hair is well cut. You should not have any lopsided rough edges and split ends as it would not look good on you.

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