Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles where introduced in late 1920s when they where a must wear for every women even today they are very popular among many women due to their stylish and elegant look. Inverted bob hairstyles are one of the hottest hairstyles. The inverted bob hairstyle is definitely a classic which will never go out of fashion.

The inverted bob hairstyles require the minimum of styling if cut in the proper shape. This hairstyle is new to the family of hairstyles. The basic hairstyle is achieved by keeping the back of the hair short and hair in front are kept long till the neck line to create an asymmetrical shape. The inverted bob hairstyles are given more height and fullness at the top.


The inverted bob hairstyles come in many variations as well to suit every ones face structure. If you have a wide forehead go for bangs that can be side swept long bangs or bangs that cover both eyes. This look for inverted bob hairstyles looks good on almost every one from children to women. If you want to go for more dramatic look go for sharp angles and varying the length of the front hair could be adequate as well. Highlights can always be added to give your inverted bob hairstyles a new dimension according to your own taste if you want to go for a more natural look go for subtle highlights here and there.


If you want to go for a more dramatic edgier look you could always choose bolder colours like red and purple they can be placed at the top of the head in form of a triangle. When ever getting one of the inverted bob hairstyles you should always take the picture of the style along with you in order to make the hairdresser understand it more quickly. The inverted bob hairstyles are worn by most celebrities like Rihaana, Victoria Beckham and Kelly Clarkson.


The inverted bob hairstyles although requires less management but to get the complete celebrity look you could use hair straightners occasionally because too much ironing could damage your hair. You could also use anti frizz sprays if your hairs are frizzy. Moreover regular oiling should also be done to keep the hair shiny and full of life and get rid of split ends. These inverted bob hairstyles can be worn by every woman with slight variations that is why they are so hit among today’s woman.


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