Graduated Bob Hairstyles

Graduated bob hairstyles are primarily meant for women who have a bony physique and a bony face. Graduated bob hairstyles look best on women who have thick and straight hair. If a woman has a really bony face, then she should wear a graduated bob hairstyle. The ideal way to get it cut would be to have the front flicks tracing the jaw line. The back of the graduated bob hairstyle should have a wedge like appearance at the nape. There should be three layers in a graduated bob of this length the upper most layers should an inch above the ear. This graduated bob looks best when blow dried inwards. To create a formal look of a graduated bob hairstyle, it is best to do a side partition at the crown. The longer side can be tucked with decorative or funky pins. If you are going to a formal occasion you can have jewel encrusted pins adorning a graduated bob hairstyle.


Graduated bob hairstyles with blunt cut bangs look simply irresistible. Blunt cut bans give your face a wider look therefore women who have a long face or a heart shaped face ought to get a graduated bob hairstyles with blunt bangs. The bangs are also very instrumental in hiding a wide and long forehead. Graduated bob hairstyle with bangs should not be worn by women who have frizzy hair or dry and wavy hair as it would look like you have just received an electric shock. Graduated bob hairstyle looks best when the hair is neatly placated in their place instead of being left in wild abandon.


Graduated bob hairstyle should not have a choppy look as the layering in the bob would not be highlighted if you wanted to get a bob hairstyle with a choppy look you ought to get that . Try not mixing these two hairstyle or would look like fashion disaster. Choppy bob hairstyle looks best on younger women who want to look like a hip punk rock fan. Whereas a graduated bob hairstyle is meant for the women who want to ride the corporate ladder fast. The cut is very businesslike and very sturdy making you like woman who means business.

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