Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

Bob haircuts are popular since many years and many celebrities love to wear this classic haircut. It is commonly said that you must get the haircut according to your face types. While talking about bob cut, there are many types of bob haircuts for round faces. Some of them include the layered bob cut, medium bob cut, angled bob cut, short bob cut and bob cut with bangs. These haircuts can suit women of all ages and give them a younger look by enhancing their features. Layered bob haircuts for round faces is very stylish and look bets with straight hair type.


Those who have curly hair should avoid the layered bob cut because layers will make hair look puffier and make the face more round. In fact, layered bob cut is suitable for those who have thin and straight hair. Layered bob cut is also categories into various types namely long layers, choppy layers and short layers. Short layers are popular for adding flow and volume to the thin hair.


Initially bob haircuts for round faces were cut at chin level but with the passage of time people started experimenting with the haircuts. There are many women who prefer short bob cut while young girls and teenagers opt for medium and long bob. Short bob haircuts for round faces look amazing on women who have long necks and angular face types. These women are given such a haircut that looks like the pixie cut. Women with square faces should avoid wearing short bob cuts. Short bb cuts require maintenance in form of regular trimmings. To style the short bob you can simply wash and dry the hair and straight them with a flat iron.


Bob haircuts for round faces with bangs and fringes are also gaining popularity among young girls. Basically bangs are meant to hide the wide forehead and to reduce the roundness of the face. Today bangs are cut with varying lengths including symmetrical and asymmetrical bangs. Next there is bob cut with long hair lengths. Not all the women like to get their hair cut into shorter lengths because many women like to grow their hair to long lengths. Long bob haircuts look graceful when cut properly. Long hair looks shiny and voluminous with bob cut.


It is the most suitable cut for girls and women who have curly or wavy hair texture. Moreover, long bob cut also suits people who have round faces. It is the versatility of the bob cut that makes it popular among women of all ages. Today majority of the women want to get bob cut with their natural hair length due to the versatility of the haircut.


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