Half Bun Half Down Hairstyles Fall/Winter 2018 - 2019

Half up dos is an easiest way to change your look this fall season. The hairstyle has been trending from the last year and not going anywhere.


Medium and long hair is difficult to carry during fall/Winter days and this is the best way to get style and freedom from sweating. Given below are few hairstyles that is half up into a bun and half down at the shoulders or back.


Cute and Crimped:
This stylish hairstyle is a combination of braiding and crimping. The hairstyle is easy to style and carry. You will need a crimping tool, a curling iron, a comb and styling product to get the hairstyle.

How to get the hairstyle:

•    Start with blow dried hair.
•    Create crimps on the hair with the help of a crimping tool.
•    To get volume at the front section make back combing.
•    Take three piece of hair at the front section and create French braid and secure at the crown section.
•    Twist the length of the braided section and create a bun on the crown.
•    Create curls on the remaining hair at the back.
•    Apply holding spray.
•    Allow the curled section fall the shoulder.

Extra information:
This hairstyle suits heart and round face shape. Medium length hair works great fro this hairstyle.


Excellently Editorial:

The excellently editorial is a stylish and ideal hairstyle for a casuallook. The hairstyle can be carried with huge accessories and makeup. The hairstyle is ideal for evening events.It also works on fall days as it helps in avoiding sweating around the shoulder.

How to get the hairstyle:
•    Start with blow dried hair.
•    Make backcombing at eth front section and create puff just above the front section.
•    Secure the puff with bobby pins.
•    Take the hair from the front and temple region and create a bun at the crown.
•    Heat up a curling iron and create curls on the remaining strands at the back.
•    Run your fingers through the curls to give it naturally look.
•    Apply holding spray.
Extra information:
This hairstyle is suitable for women with round face shape. Medium to thick hairstyle works well for this hairstyle.


The Half Braid:
This half bun and half braid is a stylish hairstyle that looks elegant for all events. This hairstyle is the trendiest hairstyle among teenagers.


half bun half braid hairstyles ideas for fall 2018-2019

How to get the hairstyle:
•    Divide your hair to one side and create curls taking small sections.
•    Braid from the front side and continues till the back.
•    Makea pony of that braided section, twist the length and form a bun.
•    Keep the curled length fall the shoulder.
Extra information:
The hairstyle works great for medium to long hair. All skin tones can adopt this hairstyle.

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