Chic Hairstyle for Medium Length 2018 - 2019 Fall Season

Medium length hairstyle works for all seasons and is loved by everyone. The medium length hair is suitable and perfect hair which does not require too much time. The hair works when paired with buns, curls, braids and much more.



Mid length hair usually falls between jaw and collarbone. Below are few medium length chic hairstyles which are trending this year.



Wavy Medium Haircut:
The chic wavy medium hairstyle works for women of all ages and is ideal for all kind of event. This effortless hairstyle is achieved in a medium.
How to get the hairstyle:
•    Prep damp hair with hair styling mousse.
•    Blow dry with the help of a paddle brush.
•    Heat up a curling iron to create waves on the hair.
•    Use a large teeth comb or fingers through curls to make it look natural.
•    Apply a holding spray for finishing.
Extra information:
This hairstyle suits for blondes and lighter skin tone. Oval and round face structure works well for this hairstyle.
Trendy shag:
The trendy shag is a stylish hairstyle with waves and bangs. The straight bangs and wavy tips around makes the hairstyle looks stylish. Shades of brown are added to this chic hairstyle. Trendy shag is easy and effortless that can be carried for any evening event.
How to get the hairstyle:
•    Apply a hair styling mousse to damp hair.
•    Blow dry with the help of a styling brush.
•    Use a curling iron to create curls on the lengths.
•    Run a flat iron on the bangs.
•    Holding spray is used at the end.
Extra information:
This hairstyle is ideal for medium to thick hair. Women with all face shape can adopt this chic hairstyle.


Choppy Chic:
The choppy chic hairstyle is an amazing hairstyle that is ideal to be carried for an evening and formal events. This hairstyle looks good when carried straight.


trendy shag haircuts for fall 2018 2019

How to get the hairstyle:
•    Start with applying hair styling mousse to damp hair.
•    Use a flat iron to get straight and smooth hair.
•    Divide the hair into s deep center part.
•    Apply holding spray to carry the hairstyle for longer time.
Extra information:
The hairstyle suits on oval and round face structure. Medium and thick natural straight hair works great for this hairstyle.


Sleek Bangs:
Bangs is the best solution for face framing. The sleek makes the hairstyle look more stylish and sexy. The strands have slightly layers around the collarbones that help in adding texture to the hairstyle. This hairstyle is ideal for college students and working ladies.
Extra information:
The sleek bangs are the ideal hairstyle for oval and round face structure. Medium and thick hair is the ideal hair type for this hairstyle.

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