Some of has have been bestowed with bony faces, others chubby. Some have been gifted with wavy hair others frizzy. It is very important to keep the texture of your hair, your face cut, your jaw line and the amount of time and maintenance you can invest in maintaining your hairstyle.

If you have a chubby face it is best to wear your hair in a long length hairstyle so that the emphasis is diverted from your face and is concentrated on your hairstyle. Avoid wearing your hair in a dead straight hair style as it gives face too much emphasis. Instead wear your hair in curls or layers with a good deal of bounce and waves. Another thing to keep in mind is to get a hairstyle with a side flick as it covers half your face and reduces the size of your face cut. When getting a layered hair style keep the texture of your hair in mind, avoid getting layers if you have been blessed with frizzy hair as the layers would not show. Instead try to lengthen your hair to waist length and then getting deep U or V hairstyle. This would not only give you playful strands that would tease the apples of your cheeks but also reduce the frizzy texture of your face.

If you have been blessed with limp silky hair than layered hairstyle is just the right option for you. This would ad volume to your hair .Give you an abundance of waves that would be unattainable otherwise. However you might need to get styling mousse and gel to get the right mix of curls and waves for the desired effect. Pin up your hair at the crown with simplistic hair accessories to get a nice puff at the top.Hair accessories are extremely important in getting your hair beautified with the right hairstyle. You can choose from a wide array of jaw clips, pins, ponies but keep the gaudiness at bay when shopping for your hair accessories. Metal hair accessories encrusted with jewels are only recommended for formal events like weddings or a black tie event it is strictly a no go zone.

As you age dyeing your hair also becomes an important factor choosing the right hair style for your face. Choose a hair color well suited to the climate and your complexion there is no point getting an ash blonde hair color on a tan complexion as it is just a recipe for disaster.