Winter Hair Colors 2016 - 2017

Winter hair color 2016 - 2017 is going to be a descriptive article informing all you ladies about what colors to try and what colors to say goodbye. This article is going to highlight what colors you should be transitioning into as winter approaches since winter season is definitely going to be the best season for your hair to glisten under the snow. 2016 promises a whole bunch of amazing colors that is going to definitely create a spectrum for you to enjoy.  


There are many colors ranging from all sort so it is definitely advisable for you ladies to enjoy this article and start testing out those colors on your hair. We definitely are going to put in a restriction note as to what colors you should be trying depending on your skin tone. Remember always consult a hair stylist before dyeing your hair.


Winter Platinum:

The first color that is going to spark up in winter like “Elsa” is none other than this beautiful platinum hair color that is incorporated with a blonde at some point and peaks. Those ladies who are interested in to make a fashion statement by emphasizing on their hair to really stand out must definitely try this hair color. This color is perfect to blend along with the winter season as snow and platinum surely do go along. To compliment this hair color it is essential that you have a very toned and cool skin color tone. To compliment pink undertones you must be really bright pale blonde. We have seen that shorter hairstyles really know how to carry this color much more in an interesting way than longer hair of platinum texture. So you must not really focus on hair texture as this color is built for any hair texture.

 winter platinum hair color 2016 2017

Winter fiery mahogany:

Bringing up some steam into winter season we move along to this bright color of red that will absolutely will steal hearts of many. This mahogany color will light up your heart with warmth along with the other people around you when they see you put forth this step with this rich color of red. Warm skin tones can definitely rock this color because of the vibrancy that has attached to this color. Do not forget even cool color tones can also look great on this color. If you want to enhance and revitalize your pale skin tone color well we definitely suggest and ask of you to try this color for sure. You definitely are going to notice dark hues clashing and rejoining in with lighter hues of red. By using a shulphate free shampoo this will really help save your hair color and won’t make your hair dry because red hair color can also help your hair color really out of the way which we do not absolutely want.

Winter fiery mahogany red hair color

Hope these winter colors will help you on your quest of trying out some amazing new winter fun for 2016 - 2017.

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