Versatile Hairstyle Ideas 2016

Versatile hairstyle ideas 2016 have been developed on the idea that getting a haircut is just half the struggle. The most important thing is to introduce easy and versatile ideas and elements to your style.


The hairstyle ideas discussed below have been observed on the ramp and the red carpet. Give yourself a hairstyle facelift with these ideas in 2016.


Twisty Pixie

twisty pixie haircuts 2016This hairstyle idea is unique, graceful and elegant. You get a great way to style your hair with this idea. Even though women mostly link hair bends with the hairstyles of the 1990s that were beautifully decorated with butterfly staples. This time around, you can get a modern look by using a hair product all through the strands to form a perfect shape and get a reflective and radiant appearance.


Slicked Down Strands

This hairstyle is vivid in nature and functions well if you have straight hair. These hairstyle elements would provide your hair a fast card by making using of a plain iron and applying a hairstyling product across the center and edges of the hair to give it a hold and glossy appearance. However, steer clear of using more hair styling product. The amount must be in harmony with your hair thickness.


Tight Low Pony

There are those people who think that short hair cannot be made into a ponytail. Don’t let them jester you. To get this hairstyle, bring your hair together at the rear and style it into a low ponytail. You can even make it rounded. The good news is that this hairstyle can suit any facial shape elegantly.


Short Side Braid

If you want to display your inner carefree ideas to the world, this short side braid hairstyle 2016hairstyle can help you achieve just that. This hairstyle is totally about the limitations, so you don’t have to be concerned as to why those loose hairs are running down. Since this hairstyle involves the carefree flow of strands to give you a disheveled look, you would just appear amazing in it.


Knock Up Top

The knocked up top is yet another versatile hairstyle idea. It can give you enough volume because it involves the blow-drying of your hair with the help of a hairbrush. As you get done with blow-drying your hair, just shake your head and apply some volumnizing product on the roots of your hair to create addition bump up.


Beachy Half Updo

This hairstyle is amazing. It is modern and extremely chic. It has been set into trend by models and celebrities and we have seen it on the red carpet lately. It is all set to take the New Year by storm because it has all the elements of style and elegance. It involves the creation of unique twists that would give you a retro appearance.

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