Unique Hairstyles 2016 for Long Hair

Unique hairstyles 2016 for long hair introduce out-of-the-box hairstyle ideas for the New Year. These hairstyles would make you appear one in a thousand.


Unique hairstyles 2016 for long hair are for those ladies who think long hair is always difficult to carry and manage. Women with long hair always want to look stylish and beautiful. Braid, updos, waves and curls all hairstyle rocks on long hair. Below are few unique hairstyle which are easy to manage and effortless to style.


Waterfall braid

Waterfall hair braid is one of the unique and most trending hairstyle for long hair. It is easy to manage and carry. It gives stunning and waterfall braid Unique hairstyles 2016 long hairunique look.To get the hairstyle, start with applying a styling product to the wet hair. Divide the hair into side part or preferred side. Take three pieces of hair and start creating French on preferred side. Make the lower piece fall and add another piece to the other braid.


Create braid until it reaches to the back of head. Secure that side with bobby pins and repeat the same steps on other side. Now take a curling iron and create curls on each piece that fall from the braid. It makes the hair fall more prominent and beautiful.The waterfall hairstyle works on all face shape. Medium to thick hair with long in length rocks on the hairstyle.


Cascading Curls

This unique hairstyle with centre part is cascading curls. The crown part is the point to attraction in the hairstyle. The top part needs some more volume, which is gained from backcombing. To get hairstyle, use your fingertips and apply some styling product on damp hair. Divide the hair into two parts from front.


Draw a line just below the crown and take the hair to the top and secure with hairpin. Use a barrel iron on the lower part to create curls. Now drop the pinned hair from the crown and create curls on it. Keeping the end of hair loose will make the look more unique and amazing. Apply a holding spray to carry the hair for longer period. Women with round and oval face structure look beautiful.


Side updo

side updo hairstyles 2016 for long hairSide updo and ponytail is a unique hairstyle, which is much different from simple updo and ponytail. The side updo can be carried for different occasion as well as on causal days. It rocks with prom and on red carpet with gown. To get the hairstyle, begin with applying a styling product on wet hair.dry out using flat brush. Pull all the hair to one side at the lower back and make a ponytail.


Twist the length and wrap it around the elastic. Use bobby pins to secure the updo. Take a small piece of hair from the front around face for face framing. You can keep that piece straight or adding curls on that piece around the face makes the look more unique. The hairstyle works on round and heart face shape. Medium to thick hair rocks on the hairstyle.

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