Trendy short hairstyles 2016 for thin hair

Trendy short hairstyles 2016 for thin hair have been put together after thorough study of the fact that women mostly find it difficult to style thin hair, which often lets them down. However, in 2016, you should get up to show the world your unique, charming, stylish and graceful personality with one of these hairstyles. You can easily follow the steps listed down under each hairstyle to achieve what you’ve been dreaming of for years. No more is thin hair difficult to style! So, here we go with the trendy short hairstyles 2016 for thin hair:


1. Daring Diva

The daring diva hairstyle is popular because it comes with unique elements, including the addition of ideal volume to you hair. It comes with dense, rounded bangs, which makes it a great option for women with thin hair. Your hair edge would need to be cut off bluntly; however, the layers would add quality to your hairstyle and make it appear smooth and silky.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle

•    First, use a round hairbrush to dry your hair in forward direction, so they can rest in a flat position
•    Now, dry out the hairs on the sides and move towards your face, so they can give your face a great display of features
•    Again, blow dry your hair starting from the top of your head and moving to the back to achieve ideal volume
•    Leave your hair to dry for two minutes and then style it in a flat way
•    Use a hair spray if to give it strength to hold itself in place

Additional information
This hairstyle is perfect for women with oval shape faces. Since the straight to wavy hair can be puffed up easily, girls having thin hair can look stunning in this hairstyle.


2. Pump it Up

The best thing about thin hair is that you can easily achieve the gravity daring styles. The pump it up hairstyle just does that for you. It is styled in a way to face the sky. If you are someone who aims for higher goals and wants to communicate her ideas through her style, this hairstyle is perfect for you.


Tips to achieve this hairstyle

•    Start with the application of mousse to moisten your hair completely
•    Now, shake your head up and down to dry it out
•    When your hair is completely dry, use a curling iron to gloss off the edges and give them a finishing touch
•    Runa hair moistening product through your hair to resist gravity,
•    Lastly, use a hairspray to give your hairstyle a hold


Additional information
This hairstyle is perfect for ladies with square, curved or heart shaped faces. The thin hair makes it possible to achieve a wonderful look with average smoothness and curly filaments. Beware, however, not to give your hair more than required texture.


3. Charlie’s Angel

This stylish, beyond the shoulder hairstyle,introduces women to a pleasant vintage concept.  This hairstyle features hair split to the side marginally and has dazzling, cool bangs. The hair is places off the face and made into curls.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle

•    First, create a partition of your hair to the side and untangleit upon completely drying out
•    Now, use a curling iron to spikeyour hair to the back
•    Use the curling iron to move the bangs to the rear and create curls

Additional information
This hairstyle is great for women with thin hair as it keeps the cut rounded and involves very little layers. Moreover, the resulting curls would make the shape voluminous. If you have thin structure face, this hairstyle would look perfect on you. You can wear this hairstyle on any occasion.

soft curls hairstyles 2016

4. Soft Curls

 The soft curls hairstyles ends up in creating springy waves that would elegantly smoothen and perfectly suit your face. You will look stylish and beautiful in the voluminous layers created after cutting the hair down to the neck and then blending them up. To give your face an ideal frame, the hair would be left longer round your face.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle

•    If you have wavy hair, first you’ll need to diffuse them
•    Next, use a curling iron and curl your hair
•    Use a hair spray in between curling your hair
•    After you are finished with curling, apply the hair spray to all the curls
•    Introduce texture to your hair by crumpling your fingers through the curls

Additional information
This hairstyle is perfect for women with square and heart shaped faces. If you have a long face, you can get bangs to appear fabulous. If you have thin hairs with natural curls, you are in luck with this hairstyle.


5. Chocolate Chop

The chocolate chop hairstyle involves the creation of an extreme A-line along with refined and even side bangs. To maintain volume, it involves long layers. This hairstyle has been set into trend by some popular celebrities and models. It is an ideal choice for women who have wild nature and want to show the world their wild personality.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle

•    Use a towel to dry out your hair and move them to the side
•    Comb your hair carefully and dry it with a round hair brush to take out humidity
•    Run the round brush through your hair to get volume and shape
•    Leave your hair to dry for some minutes and when completely dry, use a curling iron on your hair edges to create waves
•    Get bangs on the side and you are done

Additional information
This hairstyle is fitting for ladies with round and heart shaped faces. You can wear this hairstyle to any event and function. Even better, you can wear it in any season. This hairstyle is easy to achieve and is highly manageable.


6. Wavy Bob

The wavy bob hairstyle involves aslashof your hair near the jawline. It comes with a lot of cool,creativefeel. The layers created under this hairstyle are smooth and extend the inclusive theme throughout your hair. If you have thin hair, it will look fuller and the waves add the impression of volume and weight to the hairstyle.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle

•    Keep a portion of your hair to the side and make it dry
•    Now employ a paddle brush to take out the dampness and achieve a sleek appearance in the process
•    Use a curling iron to create curls on he edges of your hairs
•    Finally, use your fingers across the curls to separate them and get an amazing look

Additional information
If you have a heart shaped or square face, this fanciful hairstyle would be a perfect fit for you. Moreover, if our hair is thin and has natural curls, you can be an ideal candidate for this hairstyle.


7. Fly Girl

Fly girls is another elegantmagnituderebelling hairstyle for women in 2016. This hairstyle is all set to take the New Year by storm. It has been set into motion by celebrities and models alike. The hair will perfectly frame your face and get a blow out near to perfection.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle

•    Make your hair wet and then use a foam to create hold in the hairs
•    Now make your hair dry by flipping your head back and forth to get maximum volume.
•    If you have love for more volume, move your head down
•    Now pick a round hairbrush and run it through the top of your head to give your hair edges fine finishing
•    Lastly, apply a hair styling product to create some spikes and then use a spray to make your hairstyle shiny out

Additional information
This hairstyle is especially for people who have round or heart shaped face structures. If you prefer to create balance on a long face, you can keep some hair falling down your forehead. You can wear this hairstyle to any event and garner all the attention on any occasion. Even better, every season is a season for this hairstyle in 2016. So, what are you waiting for? Just wear this hairstyle and impress onlookers with your style statement.


8. Bold Bangs

The bold bangs hairstyle will create extremely blunt lines, thanks to the shoulder level cut. The lines would create the illusion of thickness of your hair and make your face appear prominent. This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle

•    Use a hair smoothening product on moist hair and blow it dry using a round brush
•    Now, use a flat iron to make your hairs even
•    Lastly, apply a hair product that would make the layers prominent

Additional information
Fit for heart shaped and square face, this hairstyle can give you an amazing appearance. You can wear it to a party, prom, function and wedding.

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