Summer Haircuts 2016 - 2017

Looking to wear a stylish hairstyle in summer? Look no further because we have brought you some of the most trend and hot summer haircuts 2016 trends. You can wear these haircuts to any event in the summer season.


Summer haircuts 2016 – 2017 have been put together on the belief that a haircut not only refreshes your look, but also gives makes you appear at the peak of you health besides helping you to make a fashion statement. The hairstyles discussed here can bring you fresh appearance and make you appear more attractive.


Women with curly hair find it difficult to choose good hairstyles, but we have it for them as well. So summer haircuts 2016 will help you to discover some of the most beautiful haircuts of the season that will suit your facial structure as well as texture of your body.

Hairstyles Ideas for Summer 2016 2017

Crown haircut
Women have a special craving for this haircut in the New Year because it makes them appear stunning. This haircut is most fitting for young girls who are conscious about their haircut. Crown haircut will give a perfect appearance to any facial shape. As for oval face, this haircut will make your face look balanced with your chin.

Crown wedding braids hairstyles 2016 2017 summer/spring

Pixie cut
Women with curly hair often feel irritated and pixie cut will be the most suitable for them. This haircut will shape your face in addition to your overall body structure. Women like you can rock the world with the changed image and style you can get with the pixie cut. If you want to garner attention and inspire onlookers, wear this haircut to a party and witness the amazing response.


Channel cut
Channel haircut is a very well ordered hairstyle that will give you very clear look. With this haircut, the length of hair is kept the same, but it will look thin, thanks to the innovative idea that backs up this style. You have to only remove bulk of your hair, which will provide you a sleeker hairstyle. Channel cut is easy and simple to create and convenient to manage.


Bob haircut
Summer bob hairstyles 2016 - 2017Bob haircut is considered the best haircut, which is important for women since it gives them very feminine and young look. You can choose asymmetrical style for you bob hair if you have untidy and very thick hair. Even better, bob haircut can suit any type of facial structure and goes well with women of any height.


Short haircut
The short haircut for summer signifies a real trend of style and fashion. It completely communicates a theme of possibilities, wildness and freedom for women. This hairstyle can fit on any facial structure and compliment any skin tone.


Androgyny haircut
If you are a professional or workingwoman, you might be looking for a formal hairstyle that can wear to work and meetings. Androgyny haircut is the top formal haircut for workingwoman, especially those engaged in business. To achieve this haircut, all you need to do is comb your hair and divide them in the place you like, and then create an image of serious businesswomen. You can fasten your hair with a rubber band and make a ponytail.

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