Stylish Fancy Undercut Hairstyle 2016

Stylish fancy undercut hairstyle 2016 are considered to be the trendiest hairstyles of the year. Not only shall they be trending but also those girl who feel like going a bit wild and want to enjoy their hair as much as they are enjoying their life should definitely see to it as there are some amazing hairstyle with this particular haircut that may amaze you all let alone you may be astonished but do not get so much excited as this is just the beginning of a whole new trend in 2016.


Below are the given following stylish and fancy undercut hairstyles that are going to be quite popular in 2016. Over the years we definitely have seen many celebrities bringing undercuts to the red carpet as well as the table. Through paparazzi we shall definitely say this that this is the type of haircut that looks on not only girls but also on older females as well. And you live your life once why not giving it a whole new level of experience before you do not have the time. Undercut is known to be the type of haircut that are either one side or both side of temple areas cut very short and at times upon the request of that person are often shaven as well. This is not only popular amongst the ladies but also we do see this hairstyle being worn and tried by men. Consider the following below stylish fancy undercut hairstyles that will put you in wow mode for 2016.


Mohawk short undercut with stylish pop hair:


This look is not only amazing but also you can wear this hairstyle at any age. This brings not only a great amount of definition to your jaw line but also we do see that the Mohawk does really pop out and stand firm on the top. Following below Mohawk short undercut with stylish pop hair 2016are the steps that which you can achieve this stylish undercut hairstyle and be all prepared for 2016.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    For this hairstyle you can either keep one of the side temple shaved or both it totally depenps upon you. But what we suggest that in order for the Mohawk to stand out both of the side temples should be neatly shaven or trimmed according to your desire.

•    This will leave with hair on the top of your head as well as on your crown and going back till your nape.

•    Make sure that you have put in a texturizing spray in  your hair as this hairstyle definitely needs texture lots and lots of it.

•    After you have applied you can either blow dry you hair taking either side of the hair and combining in such a way that they collide with each other and voila make a Mohawk.


Additional information:
It is not total necessary for you to slick the sides. They are left alone fine so do not worry about that. Lifting your top locks with the help of voluminizer is optional so we do not want to pressurize you in choosing what you want to apply but a good hairspray (holding spray) is a definite recommend to you as it shall hold your hairstyle throughout the day.




Fancy faux undercut with a stylish touch of color:


This stylish undercut hairstyle is for the ladies out there who aren’t quite ready to embrace this hairstyle but they do have a definite desire of trying out. We won’t stop you ladies or be in your way. We absolutely know and are aware that this hairstyle is the best option out there for you. So if you own long hair this will certainly bring out the fun part of you with the help of Fancy faux undercut with a stylish touch of colorwearing a hairstyle that you may have never ever tested before.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    To achieve this hairstyle is very simple. First of all you must create a side part. This side part must be very deep.  Make sure that the side part is low enough only two inches from your ear to the part that has been taken out. Not more as this will not look nice at all.

•    Once the side part is create you may now apply a good hair produce that will protect your hair from any kind of heat and pressure.

•    Once you are fully satisfied with your application on your hair blow dry your side part. This will give more definition as well as more texture.

•    Flatten each side for a nice clean look.

•    Section off where you want the braid to go and then when you are done sectioning your hair now you may take all the rest out of your hair and put them out of the way so that you may continue the next step.

•    French braid the hair (from the side part) so that all your hair is collective and that no hair is being out of place. The more tighter your French braid your hair the more illusion it shall give off as you having a faux undercut.

•    Braid them all the way down and once done you may now secure it with the help of elastic band.


Additional information:
There are additional steps to this particular faux undercut that we wanted to share. First of all when you reach the last step it is not necessary that you braid all the way down. Leaving out a bit of hair strands out may help give more of a natural effect than braiding it till the last point. If you want to create more style you can curl gently the remaining hair so that you may enjoy this undercut to the fullest.

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