Stunning Wedding Hairstyles 2016 for Short Hair

Stunning wedding hairstyles 2016 for short hair will be showing and telling you exactly how hairstyles will be trending in 2016 for short hair. If you have your big day coming and you want to look absolutely amazing but the fear is letting you down because you have short hair well this article is perfect for you. You must now celebrate as we have compiled several interesting hairstyles for you that you may choose from and guide your stylist or even do it yourself on the big day. Wedding hairstyles that are meant for short hair are best kept when they are made really simple perhaps a gently wave in them to keep them a bit styled up and toned but none the less we do not want to exaggerate the shortness of hair since we do not have much to work on we want to keep the essence of short hair as how it is. To bring definition to your short hair you can absolutely add details by attaching a pin to your hair or even wear an embellished headband that suits with your dress or even the theme of the wedding the choice is yours.


Below are some various stunning hairstyles for a wedding that can only be applied and tried on by short hair. Remember that you won’t look any less and you shall wow everyone who shall be watching you while you walk down the aisle on your big day.


Raspberry short hair curls:


The first hairstyle is absolutely stunning. There is a common concept that many brides like to follow which is to have curls for their wedding day. Well this hairstyle is for those who love curls and want to wear curls on their wedding day. To raspberry short hair curls 2016have curls on short hair and medium length hair 2016 we shall be telling you as to what kind of control you will have when having these curls which mean not only these curled tresses will be tight but also under your power and spell. You certainly won’t be leaving your big day without being talked about and praised.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    To have this hairstyle you must start by working on damp hair. Remember you are opting for curls so it is very important that you apply a nice light holding voluminizing foam on your hair.

•    To work product in your hair use your fingers or if not you can always use a wide tooth comb to evenly help you spread the product throughout your hair.

•    To dry your hair you can either use a diffuser, if you have time you can also use the technique of air drying your hair or even you can use a hooded dryer which must be taken in precautionary mode that you have switched on low heat.

•    When hair is absolutely dried you must now take your hair ends and twist them up wrapping into a coil shape.

•    You can now pin up (doesn’t really matter if the pinning up step is not neat)

•    Use a light holding spray on your hair


Additional information:
It is important that you use this hairstyle on a face that is shaped as oval, round or even square and no other face shape should try this. Since these demand to have volume in hair it is best those use this hairstyle for their wedding day that have thick hair. You can accessorize this hairstyle by using a butterfly hair pin on your hair.


Swept up short hawk:


This next hairstyle is about a nice short swept up hawk that will keep your look simple. This hairstyle should definitely be tried on those people who love to change their look a bit for wedding day and want to bring a whole new drastic swept up short hawkchange which means looking edgier and funkier. Those young teens who love rock and pop and are getting married should definitely try out this wedding hairstyle. This is definitely not a real hawk but a faux hawk that is being assisted with some braids at the sides which will make this hairstyle complete.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    To start with having this swept up faux short hawk we must have totally dry hair.

•    Apply a good hair product that ensures that your hair is receiving lightweight texture onwards.

•    Tease and backcomb your fringe and crown layers.

•    When teased properly now you may take them back and smooth out any rough edges.

•    The next step requires that you take four small section on either side. Start making small twist and secure them in place with the help of bobby pins.

•    To attain a edgy definition leave the ends out.

•    A holding spray must be sprayed at the last when you have secured all the twist in place.


Additional information:
To attain maximum texture at rapid speed which also at the back end is supporting and giving great hold you must find a nice hair product that will do so. The people who are allowed to have this hairstyle is for those who have medium density hair. Even fine hair people can try this hairstyle because of the backcombing and teasing of hair you will be getting maximum volume in hair. To add extra detail and accessorize your short hair a nice lace netting shall look great along with a veil just from the front of the face and not be worn on head.

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