Straight Hairstyles for Short Hair 2016

Straight hairstyles for short hair 2016 is truly necessary to be read since short hair has become an effective tool for those people who do not have the capacity to carry long hair or can’t grow their  hair long. Short hair is no where back being led by long hair as short hair has their own importance to the fashion world. Short hair by all means has their own stance on which their foundation lies. 2016 certainly won’t leave out short hair so we are exactly going to tell you how straight hairstyles can be performed easily on short hair without any worries or fuss.

Those who think short hair are only worn by those as an excuse who do not have the audacity to shine out bright but let us put this short hair shaming to a stop by telling you that it is only short hair that brings forth not only boldness to one character but also style. Style comes with the individuality that helps you gain your confidence so those who think short hair are nothing but waste should read this article and judge themselves who is wrong and who is right. We surely are positively assuring you that straight hair is not only clean for you to style and wear but also you can look absolutely chic in it. Below are some straight hairstyles for short hair that we would love you to try out.


Classic short hair:

This short hairstyle consists of having short hair so that it defines the shortness accurately but it also adds the loneness to your hair which makes it ideal for you to have the softness that you are looking out to have. This hairstyle is absolutely spot on for straight hair and the straight hairstyle that comes out of it shall be remarkable. Both thick and fine hair can have this hairstyle all to themselves and both will be perfectly suitable with no straight hairstyles 2016 for short hairquestions asked. We do recommend you that you do make sure that you ask your stylist to give a more edgy and earthy tone to your bangs by trimming and cutting it down with the help of scissors and not with the help of razors. This step will help you ensure that you do have a separate look from the cut as well as from the hairstyle making it feasible for the eyes to identify which the layers to your hair and which are the bangs are avoiding to give your hair a more of a bulky look and more of a subtle look.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    Apply a styling product to wet hair making sure that you have massaged the product well in your hair so that the styling for this hairstyle for short hair making it look classic is absolutely on spot.

•    Blow dry the hair smooth with a styling brush so that you attain the perfect short hair.

•    Apply thermal protection to hair which is absolutely necessary since you do not want to get that heat reach your hair.

•    Smooth and polish the hair with a flat iron.

•    Apply a serum for shine which is optional. We do not recommend this step for casual routine but for a special night out the choice is up to you.

Additional information:
There is some important information that comes along while styling this hairstyle. Anyone can easily pull of shor their but the main key tip that you must pay heed in order to have a successful classic short hair style is balance out the hair soften and edging it out at the same time so that your bone structure is highlighted. There are many people who have a precise angle of bone structure that needs to be highlighted because either they were born for it or because their face needs the certain requirement.  To add bangs in this hairstyle is totally optional. You may add them if your face is either oval or even square but do cut layers if your heart is either heart shaped or round.


Rocky short hair:

This next hairstyle is about expressing and violating the terms that have forbidden you to choose longhair or short hair with certain rules and principles. Well time is over and you must know that this rocky short hairstyle is perfect for those who love to wear ear cuffs or has a lot of piercings. This version of hairstyle is right above the ears making you look incredible. To top off this hairstyle you can add choppy layers tstraight hairstyles 2016 for short hairo your hairstyle if you want that will go from your bangs to your nape. This hairstyle requires to cut your hair square that will go from the back and it will ultimately go from the sides. This eventually helps the hairstyle to give more definition by having the top to be razor so that in the end you have a look which will help soften your look when tousled with wax (which is optional if you are looking to style this hairstyle even more).  Although this hairstyle is for any kind of hair i.e. being your hair to fine or medium even wavy hair can be suitable but since we are talking about straight hair well this is the perfect choice for you.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    Since this hair require more standing and edge so the styling is require to be different than the others.

•    First you are required while your hair being damp to apply a styling gel this will give boost to your hair.

•    You can even use a dry shampoo if you do not feel like using any kind of shampoo and water.

•    Remember to use your fingers while applying that gel. Work it well in your hair. Then you may forth proceed in blow drying your hair.

•    In the end try to make a Mohawk kinda tone so that it gives a rockier look.

•    Hairspray to hold your hair.

Additional information:
There is no greater feeling to look you a more of a punk than a sweet lady. This hairstyle is absolutely perfect for those ladies who are in their young teens but hey age has no limits as well as style. Might as well try and see for yourself.

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