Short Men Hairstyles 2016

Short men hairstyle of 2016 is the coolest and most funkiest hairstyle of all time. When we mean short hairstyle we mean that the sexiness that is about to come forth has its own specialty where you know how hair are not only slim and fine but reduced to a quantity where you see zero maintenance. And where you see short hair or even have them yourself you easily know how easy there are not only to style but also be recreational with them by managing them without no worries which obviously can mean only one thing which is having fun with your hair. We do know that having long hair is a really old tradition from a very long time. But with the passage of time we have come to understand that how important short hair has been for their impact has been stronger like never before in this growing age of time. Not only short hair are known to give men a neat look but the refine personality hence comes forth with short hair making it a neat and subtle look for not only for the person who is having and wearing short hair but also for the people who lay their eyes. So considering men not have short hair in 2016 will be a terrible mistake that you may regret when watching others carrying the very same hairstyle that you once disagreed upon.


With short hair you can not only carry tremendously handsome hairstyle to any kind of event (special or casual) that really does not affect the short hair’s presence as it will surely be illuminating to see one carrying such a sexy and tone short cut with such confidence. We’ve talked about carrying this hairstyle to office but we have not talked about how professional and classy it looks when men wear short trimmed haircuts to office. We over the years have observed one very important note as to how men have now taken styling their hair especially short hair very seriously which is absolutely delightful to know. Be indeed that short hair are the kind of hair where one doesn’t require much effort but let us remind you that no hairstyle looks great on its own till it isn’t slightly styled. Update your look with these fabulous 2016 short hairstyles that have been considered to be trending in 2016 we hope you enjoy.


Short beach hairstyle:

This first short men’s hairstyle is a very interesting choice. We all know summers tend to stay longer and we men tend to enjoy it quite often. We will be noticing this hairstyle to be amongst those popular short summer hairstyles that short beach hairstyle 2016perhaps everyone will love to try. In this hairstyle you will be observing a classical look of having fringes with sides that are sleeked and neat. This hairstyle will definitely preserve the look of refreshment as well as relaxation when one intends to style his hair this way.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    In order to achieve this hairstyle you men must prepare your hair by applying a very light toned lotion that will help you texturized your hair well enough. This texturizing will ensure that you achieve plenty of texture so that your hair doesn’t feel off edge when you proceed with the next following step.

•    Fingers are known to be the most helpful tool while styling your hair.

•    The next step is to blow dry your hair since you applied your lotion. The best way to blow your hair by using a blow dryer with the help of your fingers. Your fingers should create a wave pattern while your blow dry them carefully.

•    In order to create light separation you must finger comb your hair from not only the crown area as well as the fringe area.

•    To give off a whole texture you may use a holding spray (this may depend upon a medium  to strong holding spray) that too depends upon your choice of liking as well as depends upon your hair density.




Additional information:
You must use any kind of wax that does wonders to your hair. This wax must be functional to not only sculpt your hair but also shape and style according to your choice and taste. It also must have the promise to deliver some shine to your hair. When your hair will be glistening on the beach hey who wouldn’t love it. This hairstyle looks absolutely beautiful on those men who have fine hair but even though you may have medium hair that won’t really much matter.


Short street hairstyle:


This next hairstyle is something that we were anxiously anticipating to discuss with you guys. This hairstyle is everything that a man has been waiting for his whole entire life. We absolutely love this hairstyle as how it brings life Short street hairstyles 2016and color to a man. Street style is not so street style anymore because the present time has surely made sure street style is high fashion. This hairstyle is composed high volume which will make your fine hair to a bit more textured density which is all thumbs up for those who are consistently complaining of having short hair but not enough density to style them. This look absolutely will have stylized short sides which mean that you will have zero maintenance once you style your hair.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    Use a light lotion of smoothening lotion that will help ensure that you have softer hair. This step must be done in damp hair.

•    To have control over your hair you should be using a vent brush for this hairstyle. Blows dry your hair carefully if you want more volume.

•    Make sure you create a light separation. This will be done by the help of your fingers.


Additional information:
The last step is optional if you want your hair to be fixated then you must use a light holding spray. This hairstyle is absolutely can be styled on those who have triangular face shapes. Even those who have oval face can also try this hairstyle out. Medium hair to thick hair people can try this hairstyle out. We promise you won’t feel heartbroken.

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