Short Hairstyles 2016 - 2017 for Round Faces

Short hairstyles 2016- 2017 for round faces will be discussed in this article.


A common issue a lot of us ladies have to deal with is that those who own round face shape do not like to keep their hair short and therefore tend to avoid short hairstyles. It maybe because they do not want to emphasize and enhance the roundness of their face, well to avoid this misconception we bring your some of the hairstyles that will enhance and emphasize the roundness of the shape of your face with these short hairstyles.


It is all about choosing the right kind of hairstyle for your round shape. The only thing you should be watching out for is Braided Short hairstyles 2016 2017 for round facesthe density of your hair which will determine the roundness of your face shape and face cut. This first hairstyle that we love to introduce to you is super sexy and very easy to carry. For this you must own short hair on the sides of your head. The temple therefore must be kept long and not be kept short if you want that super edgy swept back hairstyle.


When once you are assured that the temple and the sides have been kept as they are supposed to be kept we will not talk about the front section of your hair which includes the top hair which will not only be kept apart and totally off route from the sides and temple but also much longer than they should be but just enough that they don’t come off as a medium haircut. The top will emphasize and help build your hairstyle by draping it all across the head to give more of an appealing and flattering finish. To have this hairstyle you must apply any kind of styling product into your hair. In order to create volume you must start blow drying your hair from the top. Make sure that you are directing your top hair upwards and inwards as well so that the volume will help build your hair. Put the brush aside and now to blow dry the rest of the hair use your fingers. Nothing goes a better blow dry than with the help of your fingers. If you want additional volume you can apply some volume hair product in your hair. Finger comb and there you are done with the hairstyle. Only medium density hair shall suit this hairstyle. Thin hair density folks must incorporate volume if they love this hairstyle idea.


The next hairstyle that we are going to discuss about is based on the short hairstyles that have evenly tucked sides. This short hairstyle perfects beauty and elegance which molds together and brings out the perfect sleekness that one desires.

 Hottest Messy Braid For Short Hairstyles 2016 2017

Remember the highlight of this hairstyle is to have all the hair tucked behind the ears so that you can dazzle away your earrings.By bringing out the beautiful texture you must blow dry your damp hair which has already been coated in a styling product? Blow dries the top of your hair with a round medium brush. Make sure that your hair is blow dried upwards so that you attain maximum volume. Using a styling brush make sure that the hair lays across the head shape in a flat direction and pin the hair behind the ears and there you have the perfect short hairstyle for round face.



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