Short Back Hairstyles of Men in 2016

Short back hairstyles of men in 2016 can easily be kept easily 24 hours so the days are gone of worrying how your hair is looking. We are going to be discussing about the following hairstyles that are known to be kept short form the back. The first hairstyle that comes to our attention is none other than the French crop. This hairstyle is known to acquire zero maintenance so it is extremely healthy and adoptable for those guys who want nothing to do with their hair yet look stylish. The French crop is known be fuss free which makes it flexible for men to handle their own hair and taste style.

In order to achieve this hairstyle all you must do is to request your hairstylist that he must gently take the sides as well as the back hair shorter leaving the top hair a bit longer than the above mentioned. Why is it named as crop? Well the croppy look is developed by the choppy textured look which we can see on the top of the hair. AS soon as the top of the hair is done as well as the sides/back hair we will now focus on the front hairline that can either be chopped into a fringe cut short or kept at some length that can be styled forward on which depends upon the stylist as he shall determine the size of your forehead and face shape as whether or not fringes/long hair shall suit you or not. This hairstyle should be styled by application of hair products being blended into wet/damp hair always.

The French crop is adored by everyone as it is suitable for not only any kind of hair texture and face shape but also any age can consider for opting this nice simple short back hairstyle. A little alteration might be done according to your age, face shape if necessary but although those would be slight it won’t fade away the French crop hairstyle look that you are looking for. The quiff hairstyle is another short back hairstyle that shall be quite popular in 2016. The quiff is known to play a dual role for you, either you can wear it as an extreme hairstyle or you can keep it to the minimum and wear it as a casual hairstyle. Whatever and whichever way this hairstyle is worn we assure you it will make everyone stop their feet and take a glance upon you. To achieve this hairstyle only a perfectionist hairstylist shall know as to in which extremes shall this quiff’s length and volume shall be required for your hair to strike the most balanced key for you to look extremely handsome in it.

This hairstyle is known to work for all ages of men so no one shouldn’t worry as to how one shall look even if he is 50 years old but the most important element to this short hairstyle 2016 is that you must know the size of your quiff as its size is the only thing that can determine you and your personality let alone. If you want more volume in your quiff you must go big with length but if not then let your stylist do know before your hairstyle so that you do not look up ending someone else.

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