Rocky Men's Hairstyles 2016

Rocky men’s hairstyles 2016 is for men who have got bored by usually carrying short hair as they think it does not need too much care and maintenance.


Now the trend is changing as they are adopting too many hairstyles for better look. Below are few hairstyles for men to look more charming and handsome.


1. Nice 'n Clean

The nice and clean hairstyle is one of the most adopted hairstyle because it does not require much care and gives clean look. The hair need short cut and it does not require can any steps. Wash your hair daily and use hand to adjust the hair. The hairstyle rocks on all face structure with short hair.


2. Messy Mop

messy mop mens hairstyle 2016 The messy look is trending nowadays. It is easy to manage and take few minutes to gives naturally and stylish look at the same time. To have the hairstyle, start with washing your hair and dry it out. Those who have curly hair can use a flat iron and blow dryer. Apply a styling gel on the entire hair and use the fingertips to adjust the edges of the hair. The hairstyle works on men with round and oval face structure.


3. Topped with Texture

The hairstyle is shorter from the sides while longer at the crown section. It is effortless to and easy to manage. Start with damp hair and use towel to dry it out. Apply a styling gel or wax on entire hair. Comb the crown section with lifting it up. Use your hands to press it together. Teenage age boys as well as men can adopt this hairstyle, which is unique and stylish. The hairstyle works on all face structure. Straight hair rocks on the hairstyle while curly hair may not work well on it.


4. Altogether Undone

This hairstyle is messy and undone which boys will love to carry in 2016.the hairstyle does not need too much maintenance. One can feel more comfortable then the formal hairstyles. Start with clean and wet hair. Use a towel to dry it out. Apply a styling gel or wax and use your finger. Don’t care about the directions where the hairs are going. it gives natural look. The hairstyle works on all face structure and medium to thick hair type is required

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