Prom Hairstyles 2016

Prom hairstyles 2016 bring you some amazing and stylish hairstyles that each and everyone would want to wear, so they can look good and remarkable on prom. People with long hair usually look amazing in prom hairstyles 2016. The New Year comes with a twist to the previous prom trends, thanks to the use of different products like diamonded pins, ribbons and colorful bands to make the prom hairstyle more prominent and beautiful. Below are the top prom hairstyles you can wear to you prom night party in 2016:

1.    One of the most popular prom hairstyles in 2016 is waterfall braid. You can adopt this hairstyle for night and day functions. People with medium length and thick hair can look more stunning with this hairstyle in proms.

To achieve this hairstyle, you should begin with a traditional French braid from one side of your head while letting the button portion of the braid fall down each time. At the middle of your head, make the braid and secure it with bob pins. After completing one side, start the braid from the other side. With the help of bobby pins, secure it at the end. Use a curling iron to curl each fall to make the fall appear more prominent. The use of hair spray will help to sustain the hairstyle for longer time.

2.    Updo knot and side coil is another most popular in 2016. To make this hairstyle, start by taking about one inch of hair from one side of the ear and leave it wobbly and start working on the entire hair. Now, make a low ponytail and secure it with a pony elastic, and then divide the ponytail into two parts and coil each part around the ponytail in opposite direction. Use a bobby pin to secure the bun. Coil the one-inch hair in flat position towards your right ear. People with medium and long hair can apply this hairstyle.

3.    High ponytail is the all time favorite of women, but it comes with some twist in the upcoming year. To get this hairstyle, apply some serum on the entire hair. Brush your hair and form high pony and then secure it with elastic. Take a section of hair from below the pony and wrap around the pony or above the elastic. People with round face mostly apply this hairstyle. Thick and straight hair work well on this hairstyle.

4.    Rolled do is another most trending hairstyle in 2016. Toachieve this hairstyle, start by applying some serum on your hair. Now, part our your hair from one side and then spin the front part of the hair into twists. Secure it with a bobby pin. When you are done with one side, create same twists on the other side. Finally, they both side will meet at the end. Cross each end of the twisted hair and secure them withhairpins.

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