Men's Medium Length Hairstyles 2016

Men’s medium length hairstyles 2016 comprise of unique and impressive hairstyle ideas. These hairstyles are for men who want to make a bold statement with their appearance and the way they style their hair.


1. Killer reflex

Killer reflex hairstyle is one of the mind-blowing hairstyles for men of the century. In this hairstyle, there is a longer crop with a dash of elegant look. The hairstyle is best to wear for night outing and it looks slightly messy for casual look.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
1.    After taking a shower, squeeze your hair with a towel.
2.    Then put small amount of styling cream through hair.
3.    Then comb your hair with a hairbrush
4.    It will be good to use your fingers to comb hair back then tuck the hair behind your ears.
5.    After all these procedures allow your hair to dry.


2. Prominent event hairstyle

prominent event hairstyle 2016This hairstyle is a little bit more advanced for medium length hair because this hairstyle is usually worn at the back behind the ears.  The process to achieve this hairstyle is very simple and do try it through the explained instructions.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
1.    First shampoo your hair, use your conditioner and then towel dry your hair.
2.    Use small amount of styling product through your hair.
3.    Use medium tooth comb and be sure to comb your hair toward the back then use your fingers through the same direction to soften the comb lines.
4.    Final allow your hair to dry and the hairstyle will look amazing.


3. The openattitude hairstyle

This hairstyle is suitable for medium length hair with oval and square face shape. This hairstyle always rocksby giving the open attitude hairstyle for 2016 mensyour hair a natural texture, which gives free style look.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
1. First use your moisturizing shampoo and the conditioner.
2. Then use the towel to twistout your hair well.
3. Apply your styling product through your hair, which will add more moisture and shine to your hair.
4. Then allow it to dry out and you are done.


4. The Retro Redux hairstyle

In this hairstyle, one deep side is parted and the style is great for those men who love a nod to the retro era. You can wear this hairstyle on any occasion and during any season of the year. You will always look modern, chic and handsome in this hairstyle.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
1. Use your Shampoo and conditioner.
2. Then use towel thoroughly to remove excess moisture from your hair.
3. Use large tooth comb to comb your hair.
4. You can also use your fingers to distribute some amount of styling cream through hair and run your fingers through to soften the comb lines.

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