Medium Hairstyles with Bangs 2016

Medium hairstyles with bangs 2016 are all set to take off for the New Year. These hairstyles have been noted on medium curly hairstyles with bangs 2016the runway and red carpet. You can create these hairstyles with ease and wear them to any occasion with confidence.


1. Curly Bangs

In this hairstyle,eyebrow-nibbling bangs are added to curly long bob, which makes your eyes and cheeks more attractive. To get the style, begin with applying anenhancing gel to wetyour hair. Now, use a curl iron to create curls on it and bend the section in different directions. When done with curls use your fingers to tweak the curls and get the style. At the end you can use a hair spray to hold the style. Women who have oval, triangle, oblong and heart face shape and those who have natural curls can go well with this hairstyle.


2. Textured Fringe

Textured fringe has straight across bangsthat are cut extremely candidly. You can style texture in the end to get more natural and soft look.To get thishairstyle, start with applying a volume hair gel to dry hair and trigger up the roots. Then use your fingers across the hair while blow-drying. At the front area, use a curling rod and wrap around the hair that will help to keep the hair away from the face and eyes. When done, remove the hair from the wand and apply a hair spray to hold the style.Women with all face shape with medium hair can adapt the style.


3. Classic Blow Dry

The classic blow dry is less time intense and more durable. In this hairstyle, there are long bangs with face framing and layered medium length hair. To get thishairstyle,apply a blow dry lotion to the dry hair and blow dry classic blow dry medium hairstyles with bangs 2016your hair using a flat brush. Now divide your hair into five sections.
1.    Top
2.    Right sides
3.    Left side
4.    Back top
5.    Back bottom

You have to blow dry the side fragments first then move toward the rear and bottom. Then top and back top. Apply a holding spray for the finishing look. Women and girls with all face shape and hair type can carry the hairstyle well.


4. Heavy Side-Swept Fringe

The hairstyle has a thick side brushed bang with medium length bob. The hairstyle helps to make cheeks and jawbones look more appealing. To achieve this hairstyle,start with applying a heat protection product to dry hair. Blow-dry the hair. Now, create a bow to the end and wrap the hair around your head. At the front, use flat iron to get the straight bangs. Hair spray will help in holding the style.Women with all face shapes and can apply this hairstyle.

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