Medium Length Hairstyles 2016

Medium length hairstyles 2016 is bringing hairstyles of middle length hair to a whole new dimension. This will not only promote the people who have given up on medium length hair to restyle their hair in a whole new manner but also it will also add the additional style to which everyone is seeking for. 2016 surely knows how to keep its promise are you ready to keep your in starting to style your medium hair?


Below are some of the most idolized medium length hairstyles that are going to be highly suggested while you pamper and beautify yourself to look extremely gorgeous never the less. So stay tuned and follow some spectacular hairstyles that you yet have to embrace.



1. Slick hair back:

Starting off with the most simple and basic hairstyle, this hairstyle is surely recommended for those who are beginning to style their own hair. Not only with this look can you possibly look drop dead stunning but we know that many famous slick hair back medium length hairstyles 2016celebrities have loved this hairstyle in 2015 and that is why is has secured a high popularity for 2016. You can easily focus on your bangs that are being grown and are messy all over the place.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    The first step to achieve this hairstyle is to collectively gather a portion of your hair. Make sure you are taking a portion of hair from the front of your hairline.
•    The estimated amount of hair that you must implement on step number one is to take about one inch and make it wide as much as the space that is between you eyebrow arches from one side to the other.
•    Spray a bit of hair spray onto your hair spray and then with the help of a fine comb brush all your hair straight back as till you can possibly reach

Additional information:
There are two possible outcomes of this hairstyle that should be of worth mentioning. One is that either after the above last step you can tie your hair from the crown with the help of an elastic band or second is that you can just brush your hair straight and let it be falling down naturally. For a smoother and refine touch we suggest that you flat iron any side of your hair for possible sight of any malfunction of hairstyle that may have occurred during your styling time.



2. Fluffy ponytail:

Ponytails have been with us around from a very long time. But with the arrival of 2016 ponytails are certainly being modified

fluffy ponytail medium length hairstyles 2016

Fluffy ponytail medium length hairstyles 2016 and upgraded to a whole new level. We are definitely seeing some action in ponytails as well and this hairstyle might be the perfect choice for you to have for your medium length hair.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    Since ponytails are on the rise we are going to explain exactly as to how you may achieve this hairstyle. With step number one in order to achieve this hairstyle you must salt spray your hair. Salt spray will not only create a rough volume into your hair but also it will add texture as well as give that beach earthy tone to your hair.
•    After step number one you can now curl your hair (entire head) with the help of a one and a half inch curling iron.
•    Back comb your hair but before you must do that up to you can also add in some volume powder into your hair. This will add more volume and richness to your ponytail.
•    Pull all your hair back into the shape of a ponytail.

Additional information:
To get the lifted tail, grab each side of the ponytail and pull them apart to tighten the elastic, then tease the under layers of your hair but if you aren’t interested in the up lifted hair then no worries as there is already too much volume packed within the ponytail itself so you must not worry about that.


3. Low sleek bun with an edge:

Creating this ultimate hairstyle demands no shaky hands because as this low sleek bun with an edge medium hairstyles 2016hairstyle is shaky free so do you want not compromise at all for making this hairstyle. Remember buns and that too low always look fashionable with time. Buns require extra time so this hairstyle may not be the perfect hairstyle for those who are a bit impatient and cannot wait for some extra time to get ready and be prepared.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    After you have salt sprayed you can now proceed by creating a center part. Once a center partition has been created you may clip aside one inch of hair (chunk) from each side of the hairline respectively.
•    One you have completed you can collect the rest of hair into a fine low ponytail that must be at the nape of your neck and roll it toward the base. This will create some intense drama in your hair that you will absolutely love. Pin It all together in place.

Additional information:
To finish of this extremely beautiful looking hairstyle you can spray on your hair any amount of generous dose of spray that will help your hair to attain maximum gloss and shine. Buns always demand to look perfect so even if you feel like there are some strands out of place remember to hairspray a good amount and settle all those frizzy hair so that they do not certainly ruin your look for a moment.


4. Highlights in the shade of ombre:

This is more of a trend rather than a hairstyle but it too definitely can work if your hair are perfect for to be blow dried out or even styled according to one of the mentioned above.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    Everyone has a right to look beautiful and full of colors rather than simple black and white. To achieve such a shade you can ask you colorist or even stylist (who ever is doing your hair) that they must highlight your hair that are just a fraction of lighter than what your natural hair color (or any color that your hair) is at the moment.
•    Work these colors gradually into the ends focusing more there and into some random section.
•    Do not touch your roots


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