Long Layered Hairstyles 2016 with Bangs

Long layered hairstyles 2016 with bangs can look absolutely breathtaking stunning. Who said that long hair was boring? With 2016 we present you some hot layered hairstyles that will look extremely healthy and pleasant with bangs (with some incredible transformations of them) into your hairstyles.  Long hair have always been admired by different cultures. But as time passes by we see that the simple long hairdo isn’t up to the fashion requirement anymore.


Following below are some hairstyles that have been mix matched and paired with bangs that won’t look not only dramatic but also it shall give off a pop vibe to you and your hair. Completely easy way to tell you that these hairstyles shall be topping in the hairstyle category so girls time to take out those long hair and show the world how you rock because people definitely will see a change in you.


Tucked bangs:


This first hairstyle is pretty much for those people despite of having bangs they do not want them around on their forehead (since it does at time get annoying). This hairstyle is easily applicable just about for everyone who wants to have a full texture layer hairstyle but want to hide their bangs and the best part is that it is zero maintenance so that means you do tucked bangs long layered hairstyles 2016 with bangsnot have to worry on managing just about every other moment. The shine that will produce by the end of this hairstyle shall definitely be important as that is the main highlight we want you to see.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    To start with this hairstyle make sure that you have fresh clean hair to start with and this shall only happen when you make sure you use a good product volumizing hair shampoo led by a conditioner.

•    To hold your hair after you have towel dried them you are allowed to use any kind of hair product that boost your hair volumization.

•    In this hairstyle it isn’t necessary that you apply any kind of heat protectant spray as the hair styling technique totally depends upon your taste.

•    In order to get more boost and you want your hair to look absolutely spot on take a nice round brush and roll in your hair with the help of a blow dryer. This shall give boost to your hair.

•    To add extra more bounce in your hair rollers shall do but do remember that to hold your hair in place (especially when you are facing issues to make your hair stay in put you can always use a good hairspray. Remember to slide in those bangs so that they do not go visible.

Additional information:
Simple two rules for this hairstyle that any kind of hair and any kind of face shall look good for this hairstyle so that won’t be any issue for you. The thicker hair you have we suggest the less volumizing hair product you should use to lessen down the texture a bit.


Blunt and bold bangs:


What more does a women want than to have long hair with plenty of layers so that it adds more texture to her hair and that too can easily be styled as well as be left free for everyone to see what kind of good hair you have the kind that everybody loves to own for themselves. So coming to the point where we put all of this together in one piece we may say that it sounds blunt bold bangs long layered hairstyles 2016 with bangsevery lady desires to have a carefree hairstyle that looks amazing too (away from the concerns of making sure they are in place). This next hairstyle shall be the answer to all your worries.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    In order to have this hairstyle you must apply any kind of hair product that will help and ensure you get the best of the best results while you blow out your hair with the help of round brush.

•    Salt spray or even spray that promises volume and texture can be applied to the roots directly. Why the roots? Well this will help your hair to get that instant push up and above while you aren’t looking forward to run into your hair looking dead and totally flat. So in order to look great remember to lift your brush while rolling out from the roots and not from any down below. While you roll out your round brush while the heat and your hair product comes all in contact with one another this will help you get more achievable volume that you always get to see on celebrities.

•    Make sure in the above point that you are pushing the air flow ( heat) top to bottom. Like we have mentioned above to start always from the roots that means you  should push the heat directly down to the end of your hair.

•    To have more curls that gives your hair high definition and truly means luscious in all aspects well you might want to curl your hair with the help of a round brush that you are using instead of an iron that might not give as much power and boost to your hair as a brush may give. When you have finished off this look you may new use any kind of holding spray that may help set your hair that may last the hairstyle for a good amount of time.


Additional information:
This hairstyle will give you a feeling no other hairstyle will give with its promising luscious curls this hairstyle is seriously going to weigh down on every other hairstyle there is to see. If your hairdryer has a nozzle with it well time to take that nozzle out and apply it on the blow dryer machine. This little nozzle may seem of no importance to you but that is exactly what stylists have been using. That nozzle will direct the heat of your hair.

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