Layered Bob Haircut 2016

 Layered bob haircut 2016 is exactly for you yes you who has been struggling with keeping a bob or growing out of one. Well in 2016 neither you will be forced upon to stay with a  bob or asked to leave since this year 2016 we are bringing the most classiest layered bob  haircuts that are specifically designed for your comfort and peace. So why holding it back and not enjoy as to what comes with it.

We all know for a fact that bobs have been with us for a long time and layered bob haircuts are surely been over the time not only beautiful with time they have emerged and grown out to be different and yet all the same at once. There are unaccountable number of bobs that we must have observed over the time and since there are so many styles as well as lengths we sure as well know that bobs are meant to be for every face shape and angle. Layered bob are known to make quite an entrance in 2016 since the more light hair you will have we promise the more movement you may be able to do with your bob. Below are the 2016s most important haircuts of layered bob that we shall see soon.


Soft layered bob haircut:

We all know that bob can be styled in a variety of ways but when we pair bob with soft waves we do feel the femininity of this hairstyle to its most purest essence of all. You shall know that after having this hairstyle you shall be looking beautiful as well Soft layered bob haircuts 2016as youthful again meaning going back in time once again?


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    The foremost important step to achieve the perfect soft layered bob haircut is to apply protection to your hair. We emphasize on the importance of applying thermal protection to your hair which will serve your hair as a barrier letting no harm come to your hair.

•    After thermal protection is applied you may now start wrapping your hair around a curling rod or a curling wand.

•    Make sure you take carefully sections of your hair so that your hair in the end does not look like a total mess.

•    Once curled you may now run your finger through your hair to loosen the curls. In order to help you with this step on the easy way you can even apply  a dab of shine serum. So while you are at it loosening your curls you are ultimately helping them to shine at their brightest.

•    Holding your loosened curls is way too important and this can only be attained with the help of using a hairspray over your hair.


Additional information:
Iron spray of a good quality may be used as it helps hair from the heat protecting it even if you use heat on a high degree. Your hair will lock in all moisture sealing it avoiding any kind of frizz and splt ends which may be a serious damage as well as risk to this hairstyle. We are syre to tell you that this haircut along with the access of easy styling is definitely made for you. Not only this haircut is priceless, timeless as well spot on we can see that this bob haircut will suit thick density hair as well as on all face shape and face cuts.


Asymmetrical layered bob haircut:

This haircut consists of having the front of the layers of the bob to be not equal and totally un even making it more of a sharp and edgy look perfect for younger generation girls to try this hairstyle out. Not only are you going to gain that importance by looking extremely stylish with this hairstyle but we sure as well know that this hairstyle is definitely going to be admired as well as loved and tried out by many so why wait for you to be the last when you can be the first to try it out and put your label on being the first one to try and wear it in 2016.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    For this hairstyle you must use a nice styling product. Make sure your hair is damp at the moment of application.

•    With the help of a styling brush you can blow dry out your hair. Make sure to section your hair and one by one blow dry your hair. This will ensure maximum smoothness to your hair.

•    Once satisfied and done with your blow drying you may now apply thermal protection to your hair.

•    If you think your ends aren’t as smooth as the top of your crown you may flatten out with the help of a flat iron.

•    The last step is optional but is entirely up to you as to whether or not you want to add shine to your hair or not. If so you can use any kind of hair shine product.


Additional information:
All face shapes with hair that has medium to high density and medium to coarse texture will suit this hairstyle best. Make sure that you do not apply so much hair shine product in your hair as this hairstyle doesn’t require gloss at all in the first place but if you do apply make sure it is only a drop of it and no more.

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