Inspiring Autumn Hairstyles for Medium Length 2016

Inspiring autumn hairstyles for medium length 2016 is meant for the autumn season. Well, the fall is finally in and you must be thinking to give yourself a style overhaul. You are at the right place. Here are some amazing hairstyle ideas for medium length hair in 2016.


1. Golden girl

This hairstyle is the trendiest for autumn 2016. If you are looking for a versatile, stylish and modern hairstyle for you medium hair in the New Year, look no further because the golden girl hairstyle has been specifically developed for you to wear in the New Year. The sharp edges you get with this style can be made smooth with gentle waves. To get this hairstyle, first make your hair moist with a hair product and then leave it to dry out. Then use a hairbrush to smoothen your hair and create volume; follow up by using your fingers across you hair to part the strands. Give it a finishing touch with a hairspray.


2. Streaks of fire

This hairstyle is unique and meant to give your hairstyle a great ambiance through colorful streaks. Specially developed for Streaks of fire hairstyle 2016 unique the autumn season, you can wear this hairstyle to any occasion. To achieve this hairstyle, moisten your hair with a hair product and then dry out your hair with a round brush. Now smoothen you hair with a hair-straightening tool to give it additional touch. Apply a serum on your hair with your fingers and make sure it is glossy. Give it a finishing touch with a hairspray.


3. Curl it up

This hairstyle features amazing layers that are mid-length. You will also get immense hair volume with this hairstyle that would give perfect dimension and warmness to your appearance. To achieve this hairstyle, make sure your hair is dry, and then use a comb on the crown region to gain additional height. Second, create little curly sections on your hair with a barrel iron. Now, use your fingers across your hair to separate the strands and give it a finishing touch with a hairspray.


4. Fall color block

If you want to appear natural and wear some dynamic colors on your hairstyle, this one is for you. It features glossy waves especially intended for autumn season. To get this hairstyle, make your hair moist by using some hair smoothening fall color block hairs 2016product. Now use a blow dryer to create volume and apply a heat protection cream to further smoothen the strands.


Next, create some curls on the hairs, starting from the center and flowing down towards the edges with the help of a curling iron. Finally, run your fingers through your hair to separate the strands and give your new hairstyle a unique definition. You can even give it a final touch with a hairspray that would additionally help in holding your hairstyle in place.

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